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No the implied warranty guarantee a safe product. A cherry pit in a cherry pie wouldn't cause harm or damage to a consumers health or well being.

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Is the implied warranty for a particular purpose only for a sales contract?

There's an implied warranty of "fitness for a particular purpose" under most states' versions of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which deals with "sales". A "warranty for a particular purpose" is presumed to be synonymous with the UCC's implied warranty of fitness. Implied warranties under Article 2 of the UCC apply only to sales of goods, however, and goods are generally defined or construed to mean something tangible that isn't incorporated into real estate. In mixed cases where a sale of goods is combined with a sale of services, courts must determine which is primary and which is merely incidental. I.e., if the sale of goods is determined to be merely incidental to the sale of services, Article 2 might not apply if the goods don't work in the manner the buyer had hoped. Most if not all states also recognize various "implied warranties" under their common law. Two commonly recognized implied warranties apply to "habitability" of residential property, and "reasonable workmanship" of any construction. In addition, at least in Pennsylvania where I practice, the courts have recognized implied warranties of fitness for particular purposes in non-sales situations, and utilize the UCC's implied warranties as guides.

What is the accounting entry for sales return under warranty?

The accounting entry for sales return under warranty is the accrued warranty liability. This entry is written under warranty expense.

What is the duration of Under the Cherry Moon?

The duration of Under the Cherry Moon is 1.63 hours.

When was Under the Cherry Moon created?

Under the Cherry Moon was created on 1986-07-04.

I bit into a chocolate covered cherry and it chipped my tooth. The cherry was so hard and I still have the piece. What should I do?

Please note that I have removed the company name, your name, email address, and your phone number from your question to make it more appropriate for WikiAnswers. With any legal issue, to receive the most accurate information you should contact a qualified attorney in your area, which I am not. Many attorneys will provide you with a free consultation. However, it sounds like you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer under what is called strict products liability. There are various categories thereunder which may be used in your pleadings when you file your lawsuit; your lawyer will probably select some combination of manufacturing defect, design defect, inadequate warning, breach of an implied warranty of merchantability, negligence, and strict liability. The judge/jury will determine which of these is most supported by the law (all have arguable basis). You should keep the cherry as evidence supporting your case.

Does chrysler have to pay to get code p1004 fixed?

Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.

What are the implied terms under a contract for sale of goods?


Are replacing cell phone batteries covered under the warranty?

No it is not. If the battery has just worn out because of regular use, it is not covered under warranty. If it is an odd circumstance, then it may be covered under warranty.

Is timing belt coverd in your warranty?

Depends on the manufacture. It will be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. It may or may not be covered under the power train warranty. Read your warranty that came with the vehicle or call your dealer.

Used Car Warranties?

If you are buying a used car, find out if it is still under warranty. Often times used cars are still under factory warranty, which can be a big bonus for buyers. Look for a Buyer's Guide sticker posted on the car's side window. This sticker is required by the FTC on all used cars sold by dealers. It tells whether a service contract is available.This will help you to determine if the vehicle is being sold with a warranty, implied warranties, or "as is".

If your wii breaks and it is under warranty do you get a new one?

no because it is manufacture warranty

How long is a timing belt under warranty 2002 elantra?

You will have to ask your Hyundai dealer. It may or may not be under warranty. My guess is that it is not covered by the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. You can also read the warranty manual that came with the car.

What services are offered at Warranty Direct?

They can provide car, van, motorbike and home warranties. If your possesions are under warranty and something happens to damage your property or it is stolen then as it is under warranty then it can be replaced. Your warranty premiums will go up though.

Is your phone still under warranty?


What are the release dates for Under the Cherry Tree - 2013?

Under the Cherry Tree - 2013 was released on: USA: 8 January 2013

Is the timing belt covered under motor warranty?

Yes, It's an internal engine part. Covered under drive-train warranty, if it breaks before warranty expires in new cars

How to get key from stuck in ignition of 2007 Chevrolet Malibu?

It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.

Who is responsible for breakdowns on a leased vehicle?

The leasee is responsible, unless the vehicle is still under warranty and the problem is covered under said warranty

When does warranty start for the products under warranty?

Right after you paid for it and get the documentation which must be complete and detailed.

Will a car dvd player void my cars warranty?

Your car's warranty covers it's mechanical parts.The interior isn't under warranty and what you do to the interior has no impact on the car's warranty.

Is a starter covered under drivetrain warranty?


Purchase an Extended Warranty?

form_title=Purchase an Extended Warranty form_header=An extended warranty can help pay for large repairs that aren't covered under a normal warranty. Do you currently have a warranty?= () Yes () No What features do you expect out of a warranty?=_ Do you have a loan on your vehicle?= () Yes () No

Would the slave cylinder be under powertrain warranty?

It could be. The manufacturer decides what is part of there "powertrain warranty".

Is the starter in my Hyundai covered under warrant?

under the 5 year warranty

How do you fix a key that doesn't work?

If it is still under warranty you may take the phone into the store and they will replace it. If it is not under warranty, then the charge is usually fairly low.

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