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Citizenship is not acquired by marriage. After 10 years of residency in the Philippines you may request to become a Philippine Citizen or you can be made a citizen by act of Congress for special and outstanding contributions to the Republic of The Philippines.

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Q: Does a US citizen have to marry a Philippine citizen in the Philippines to become a citizen of the Philippines?
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Does an Australian citizen have to marry a Filipina to become a naturalized Filipino citizen?

No Australian citizen would give up their passport to become Philippino. Many would live their entire life married to a Philippine citizen and stay alien.

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Can you marry someone who has a tourist visa and is married to the Philippines?

If the person is already married in the Philippines, that marriage would have to be legally annulled first. You can then marry the person even if she or he has a tourist visa. As long as you are a legal citizen of the U.S.A, your new wife or husband will automatically become a citizen as well.

Can an Indian Citizen marry an Australian and become an Australian Citizen?

This is what happens whem ladies from the Philippines and other places Mary Australians so The Answer is most likely yes.

If marry a citizen can i become a citizen?

you can marry a citizen a citizen but after that you can straitly become a citizen if you werent born here you have to take a history and government test and learn how to speak enlish read enlish and write enlish

Can UK citizen in USA on visitor visa marry US citizen?

yes, if you become a citizen of ANTARTICA and you also have to marry your mom.

How does a US citizen become Canadian citizen?

the simplest way is to marry a canadian citizen

Can a permanent resident felon become a citizen if they marry a us citizen?

Answer: no

If an illegal alien marry a US citizen just to try to become a citizen how long do they have to stay marry?

they have to aleast have been maried to a us citizen for 3 or more years in order to become a us citizen!

If you are a resident of Canada and you marry a Mexican citizen to you become a Mexican citizen?

No. You need to begin the process of naturalization to become a Mexican citizen.

What hapeens if i marry for papers?

you become a citizen!

If I marry my British boyfriend will he become an American citizen and will I become a British Citizen?

If you marry your British boyfriend, he does not automatically become an American citizen, and you do not automatically become a British citizen. You both have the right to live in each other's country, but you must file paperwork to do so. Citizenship is not automatic.

Can a person become a US Citizen through having children with a US Citizen?

No. but if you marry a us citizen you can.

If you marry an alien resident does she become a citizen?


How can you become a legal US citizen?

You have to apply for a green card or marry a U.S. Citizen

Do you have to marry to become a us citizen?

no, just take a citizen test. no marriage required

Can a Philippine woman whose marriage in the Philippines has not been annulled obtain a divorce in the US so she could marry you a US citizen?

Yes, IF she meets the residency requirements of the county she lives in AND does correct service of process on her husband.

Can a Zambian citizen marry a us citizen and work in the US?

Yes a Zambian citizen can marry a Us citizen and work in the us because the zambian citizen can obtain a citizenship by marriage and automatically become a citizen of us and is allowed and qualified to work there.

Can you become a barbados citizen if your grandmother is a citizen of barbados?

Last I can recall you can become a citizen of Barbados but from what I can remember is that you either move in to live with the person or you marry a Barbadian person.

Does a foreign national become a US citizen if they marry a US citizen?

After a petition is filed and accepted. Yes.

Are there Australian women that want to marry an American to become a u.s. citizen?

my wish is to one day live in the US but i wouldn't Marry and American just to become a citizen as much as i mite want to. I have morals.

Can a green card holder marry a boy from India and can she take him to US?

Can you marry him? Yes. Can you take him to the US? Not without getting him a card as well. To become a citizen by marriage means you have to marry a citizen.

Can a first cousin who is American marry his first cousin to become a citizen?

no, only 2nd cousins can marry.

If you have a baby with a alien and are not married can he get citizenship?

No. Only if you marry him, he will become a citizen.

What is the best way to become a Canadian citizen?

marry a candian diplomat