Does a asteroid orbit the sun?


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Yes. Asteroids orbit the sun.

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Asteroids orbit around the Sun.

Yes! The asteroid belt orbits the sun. Olivia

An asteroid orbits the sun for the same reason that a planet does; it has angular momentum. Asteroids generally remain in the asteroid belt because that is the orbit which their momentum gives them; if they had more momentum they would orbit farther from the sun, and if they had less momentum they would orbit closer to the sun (or fall into the sun, if their angular momentum were sufficiently low).

It is not inside of the Asteroid Belt in the sense of being part of it. In terms of the order of orbits from the Sun, Mars is inside the orbit of the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter's orbit is outside the orbit of the Asteroid Belt.

The asteroid belt orbits the Sun. Phobos and Deimos the moons of Mars orbit Mars.

They all orbit around the sun.

There are several types of rocks trapped in the orbit of the sun. The most common type is referred to as an asteroid.

No. An asteroid is a relatively large chunk of rock and/or metal in orbit around the sun. The asteroid belt is a region in the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where the majority of the asteroids orbit.

Most asteroids orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in the Asteroid Belt.

what makes it different is that the dwarf planets still orbit the sun, but asteroids don't orbit the sun.

Asteroids do not orbit the Earth, they orbit the Sun. An object orbiting a planet is referred to as a moon.

The Main asteroid belt is an area where most of the asteroids orbit the Sun.

An asteroid is a rocky object, too small to be considered a planet, in an elliptical orbit around the sun.

Yes. There is an asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter.

A dwarf planet is a body that orbits the sun - is often beyond the orbit of Jupiter and is classified below a planet. An asteroid is a body that orbits the sun within the asteroid belt.

Neptune with an orbit time of 165 years.(note:even though Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun it is classified as a asteroid not a planet)-Mihi

No. The asteroid belt orbits the Sun just like planets do, and is located beyond the orbit of planet Mars.

There are no planets in the asteroid belt. Neptune's orbit is farther from the sun than practically all asteroids are.

Each individual member of the asteroid 'belt' is in its own elliptical orbit around the sun.

Actually there are an place of Asteroids. Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars ASTEROID Belt. So why I capitalized the word ASTEROID on ASTEROID Belt. Because this Belt is full of Asteroids

The asteroid has momentum. There is also gravity in space mainly because of the Sun in our part of space. That gravity deflects the asteroid's path. The result is that the asteroid moves in an orbit around the Sun.

Aphelion is the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun.

The earth will keep revolving around the sun until the sun dies out or earth is hit by a really big asteroid and knocks it out if its orbit.

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