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Does a back and front kitchen mean there are two kitchens in a house?

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Possibly. In some older houses there used to be a winter kitchen that was actually enclosed in a room in the house, and a summer kitchen, that was a wood or oil stove out on the back porch, for use in the hot weather.

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What is back of house in a restaurant?

the kitchen

What is a BOH kitchen?

BOH = Back of house, the term is usually used in the hospitality environment. Such as BOH Manager experience as in Back of House Manager, normally is a kitchen manager, expediting the food or similar. FOH = is another term meaning the Front of House, normally the person who is interacting with the guests/customers

What is the difference between a front door and a backdoor?

A front door is usually at the front of a house. The back door is kind of like a fire exit at the back of the house.

Harvest moon back to nature kitchen?

You get a kitchen by upgrading your house once. Go to Gotz's house and upgrade your henhouse then you'll get the option to upgrade your house for the first time.

What are the different parts of the Hotel?

front of the house- which includes the front office, bell persons, the front desk, valet service, butler, etc. it is the part of the hotel where employees directly deal or communicate with the guest. back of the house- includes the engineering and maintenance department, the kitchen, housekeeping department etc.

What are the difference between front of the house to back of the house?

explain the difference between the terms front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house and name two job titles in each area

What is the difference between the front of the house and the back of the house position?

The front is facing the road you live on and the back faces the other side.

Who are the internal customers for back of the house employees?

Front of house

In harvest moon back to nature how to cook?

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Why were colonial kitchens in a building separate from the rest of the house?

To avoid heat build up in the home, back then, there were no air conditioners.

What does a standard kitchen base cabinet depth from front to back measure?

24 inches

What does Darry curtis' house look like?

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What position does Darrin Kitchens play?

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When you see a large house on the back of this coin it is the home of the president on the front?

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Where is the laundry room in house of Anubis?

The entrance to the laundry room is in the back left corner of the kitchen.

What do you do when you work at McDonald's?

I work at McDonalds Australia, and it depends. There is Front Area, and Back Area. Front Area consists of Counter, McCafe, Dining Room and Drive Thru. Back Area is the kitchen.

What is a shotgun house?

House with a central hallway that goes from the front to the back with rooms off to the side.

What did Tom paint on the front and back doors of the house to scare the Phelps family?

a skull and crossbones on the front door and a coffin on the back door!

How many inches a house is?

From front to back, or from side to side or how high?

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Explain where the food is prepared in relation to where it is serve?

At a restaurant, food is usually prepared in the kitchen. That is usually in the back of a restaurant. It is then served out front in the dining room. In a home, food is prepared in the kitchen. Usually it is served in a dining room and that is near or by the kitchen.

What is on the nickel?

Thomas Jefferson is on the front. The house he designed, named Monticello, is on the back.

What is the difference between front and back of house?

hello everybody my name is noone

Where can you find an article on restaurant trends in the front of the house?

Go to They often have great articles related to the front and back of the house in restaurants. A very informative site.

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