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Yes, any charge off goes on.

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What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card

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How can you get a loan with 470 credit score

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: Does a bank account charge off go on your credit report?
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How does a company get your bank account information?

Credit report?

How can I stop the charge when I can't recognize that charge in my credit card account?

Contact your bank or credit card company.

How can one get their credit report?

One can get their credit report by contacting their bank or provider. Other options would be to check one's credit account online, by mail or by phone.

Why is the balance as per bank statement on the bank reconciliation statement a credit if its a favorable balance but in the bank account the credit means you owe the bank money?

The Debit and Credit on a bank statement reflect the Bank's accounting records, not yours. So when you deposit money into your account, the bank owes you that money to you - it is a liability for them, therefore a credit entry. Similarly, if they charge you a bank fee, it reduces their liability to you, so they would Debit your account (on their books) and Credit an Income account.

Can a bank report you to the police for a overdrawn bank account?

no you will just e in dept and owe the bank alot of money and have really bad credit.

Can I get a bank account with royal bank visa?

You can get a bank account with royal bank visa if you have a drivers license and another form of I'd such as a phone bill. You must also have good credit in order to obtain this card checklists your local credit report agency to confirm your credit score

What can you use to purchase items at different locations and charge the item to your account?

Bank credit cards

What is a charge off bank?

I've never heard of a "charge off bank" but I do know that a charge off account at a bank is where they bank has listed a loan as "uncollectable" and is probably reporting it to the credit bureau as a charge off or "bad debt". Hope this helps

What credit account does the acronym gecrb dldd stand for on a credit report?

GECRB = GE Capital Retail Bank DLDD = Dillard's It is a Dillard's Credit Card.

Does a credit card company have the right to attack your bank account?

Nope, unless your bank is the one you have your credit card with and even then if you send in writing to the company a request to contact you before debiting your account for a disputed charge to your account. Hope that helps.

Does closing a savings account affect your credit report?

No. If you personally close your bank accounts, it will not be reported to any of the credit reporting agencies. However, if your bank closes your savings account due to negative activity on the account, such as overdrafts, NSFs, etc.. they will be reported to CRAs.

What is the entry for bank loan account?

Debit Bank Account - Assets Credit Bank Loan Account - Liability

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