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== == * Yes it does appear that this boy likes you. If you are in elementary school then young boys will poke or tease you. In high school they flirt and continue to do so from then on. * Yes it does appear that this boy likes you. If you are in elementary school then young boys will poke or tease you. In high school they don't do what they do in the movies. If they aren't sure that you like them they may or may not flirt with you. If they don't, they might want you to initiate a conversation or give them a subtle or maybe obvious hint. Such as flirting (subtle) or giving them a note (obvious) and if you are shy and afraid of being made fun of for letting him know you like him, then wait. Be sure before you jump into anything. If you are more outgoing I suggest you give him a note. That's what I did and it worked

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The guy you like teases tickles and pokes you all the time He's really nice and sweet and invited you and a couple of his friends over for a movie night Do you think he likes you?

I think he has plans for him and his friends to bang you.

What should i say or do if a guy pokes you on the side of the stomach?

If you like him and your trying to flirt then giggle and push his hands away.

What does it mean when a girl pokes you?

if a girl pokes you that means she might like you

Help... A boy always shoves you. plays with your hair. pokes you with a pencil. and teases you a lot like calling you Mexican because im tanis he flirting or just does it to do it?

The boy is flirting!!!!!!!!!!!!! no boy that dosent like you will not play with you hair.

What is pokeing for on Facebook?

when someone pokes u on facebook theyre trying to get your attention or just think its funny like a game of war lol

What does it mean when a boy poke you?

When A boy pokes you it either means they just touched you or sometimes it means they are trying to be funny . And if its repeatedly it means they like you or they are interested in you.

How do you answer to a guy if he pokes you everytime he sees u?

Ask him why he pokes you and if you don't like it tell him to keep his hands to himself.

Does a guy like you if he is always trying to make you laugh and he pokes you with pencils and tries 2 sit next 2 you?

Yes! It happened to me and I found out the person liked me.

If a girl pokes you playfully and grabs your arm all the time does she probably like you?

Poking, tickling, touching of any kind means she wants more physical contact so, yes, she does like you.

Does a guy like you if he teases you?

yeah u knobhead

Do I have a chance with this guy that teases me a lot?

if you like the guy, lead him on and hopefully he will like you.

Does a guy like you if he teases you about lyking another guy?

Not necessarily

Does a girl like you if she teases you by messing with your hair?

Most likely. ;)

A boy teases you and jokes with you and smiles at you all the time does he like you?

it could mean he likes you. and it could that he's trying to make a another girl mad. try asking another person if he likes you.

Is it true when guys really tease you they like you?

Yes & No because if everytime he teases you ... he acts like its a joke and is still friends with you that means yes but if someone teases you and means it to embarass you and isn't doing it for a joke then no

First law of magnetism?

Like poles repel Unlike pokes attract

Does a boy like you if he teases you?

Yes I am a boy and I tease mostly the girls I am attracted to

Does this means when a boy teases you a lot does that mean they like you?

It depends if its in a flirty way or not

If a guy tickles teases or mocks the way you laugh does he like you?

Yes, for sure.

What does it mean when a boy teases a girl?

It means they like that girl

Should you be nice to the guy you like or tease him a lot?

If he teases u YES if not NO

Theres this guy and hes always nice to me jokes with me and slightly teases me and he makes eye contact with me then smiles and he played a song he'd written on his guitar to me once does he like me?

Yes! Sounds like he's flirting :) just be friendly back!

Does freddi like sam from iCarly?

Freddie does like sam and sam likes Freddie that's why she teases him.

If a guy tries to touch you a lot and pokes you does that mean he could possbily like you?

Oh yes there is a possible chance. I myself have had a guy do that to me, and then not long after I found out that he had a crush on me. Then again if he continuously pokes you he may be trying to bug you, which I have also had done to me by a guy. Maybe you could poke and touch him back just to see what might happen. I hope I have helped you in some ways ^.^

How can you tell if your ex boyfriend doesn't like you?

First, he is your ex, so he shold not like you. if he teases and annoys you he don't like you.

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