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You do use more gas after the half mark because of evaporation. It's one of the first things you learn when you work with check emissions. This is why they test your gas cap as it allows a minimum amount of evaporation, but it does still make its way out of the tank without going through the engine.

Here is a quote from an experiment performed and published in New Scientist about why this happens:

SLIGHTLY more practical routes to fuel economy occurred to Cliff Allen when he noticed that, according to his petrol gauge, the fuel in the top half of his tank lasted considerably longer than the bottom half. As any Feedback reader (and possibly only a Feedback reader) would, he investigated. Systematically.

Over several months he recorded the distances travelled using the fuel from the top and bottom halves. The average for the top was 400 kilometres (250 miles) and for the bottom a mere 300 kilometres (185 miles). Since then, he writes, "of course I have only used the top of my tank and have consistently achieved around 250 miles - I'm not stupid!"

Cliff was obviously keen to discuss this, at length, with his learned friends, "some of whom gained General Certificate of Secondary Education qualifications" at age 14. He was "mostly appalled at their incredulity and lack of interest".

However, his friend Alan suggested that the fact that petrol always comes out of the bottom of the tank causes it to use more petrol so we might benefit from turning the tank upside-down. John suggested the increased efficiency might be due to the height of the fuel, so the tank should be put on the roof. Mostyn proposed putting a brick in the tank, as this apparently works very well for saving water in toilet cisterns. Tony wants to make the top of the tank larger than the bottom, to increase the proportion of its volume at the top, and thinks a carrot shape would be optimal.

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Q: Does a car use more gas when the tank is below half full?
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Why does vehicle start easier when the tank is more than one half full yet starts are very difficult and require cranking when below half a tank?

There is more fuel pressure

Can a tank of oxygen gas ever be half full?

Yes, a tank of oxygen can be half full. The oxygen would be stuck in said tank meaning no more oxygen can get in unless refueld.

Is it better to keep your gas tank at half or a full tank?

For long term storage, keep it full.

What happens when petrol trucks are half full?

well if you are an optimist you could say 'The tank is half full'.

Should a well water pressure tank be half full?

no it should not be half full, it should be 80-90% full with the void space pressurized by or with air

Why would the fuel gauge not move below the half but does move above the half on a Chevrolet trailblazer?

The float in your gas tank is sticking when it gets to half a tank of gas. This will make the gas gage stay at half and not register below that but it is possible for the float to rise.

Why is your toilet tank less than half full?

It is not - I just checked and is is nearly 80% full.

How do you measure the amount of propane in a tank if you don't have a gauge?

by first weighing the tank when empty, then a 20 lb tank will weigh 20lb plus the empty weight when full. . so if the tank weighs 15 lb empty and now weighs 25 lb , then it is half full , or half empty !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does a 1994 Honda Civic EX seem to lose gas quicker when it reaches half a tank?

I think most gas tanks arent set up like a rectangle, they are more like a triangle. When the tank is full, its all filled, but when its half full then the gas is more centered on one side. this makes it run out faster because there is less, i think.

Half galon of mixed gas in a full 16 gallon tank?

No problem.

Do you get more mileage on a full tank of gas?


If Jason new truck average 16 miles per gallon how far can he drive on a half full tank?

take 16 times whatever half a tank is

Gas tank shows full and stops and stops at half full?

It would be nice to have a few more details such as what you are working on. With limited details I will guess that your float/sending unit in the tank is malfunctioning. A second possibility is a bad fuel gauge if it is mechanical.

A petrol tank is half full. If I add 16 liters it will be two thirds. How many liters does the tank hold when full?

96 litres.

What makes your gas go from a full tank to half tank in 10 minutes?

A faulty fuel gauge sending unit.

1994 Isuzu running out of fuel when fuel tank is half full?

If you are sure the tank is empty and the fuel gauge is reading half full, then there is something wrong with your fuel level sending unit located inside the tank on the driver's side of the vehicle. Probably the variable resistor.

A circular tank is 12 meter in diameter and 7.5 meter in height how much water does it hold when half full?

A circular tank is 12 meter in diameter and 7.5 meter in height. how much water does it hold when half full?

What are the symptoms of putting in the wrong fuel?

If you put just a few pints of the wrong fuel into more than a half-full tank of the right fuel, the engine will run rough and not accelarate as expected.But, if more than half a tank-full of the wrong fuel was put in by mistake, DO NOT START THE ENGINE because, if you do try to start it, it is likely that serious damage would be done - to the engine, the fuel pump and several other parts - and the repair bill to fix it all would be very expensive!For more information see the answer to the Related Question shown below.

How much petrol does a car use?

full tank is 10 and half way is 5

Why does your 88 Toyota pickup stall when it gets below a half a tank?

Sounds as though the gas line has a hole in it, in the tank. Going to have to drop the tank to repair this one.

Why will a car not start after sitting a while?

More information is needed, such as, the year, make and model. Is it when the car is cold or hot,rainy or dry weather, gas tank full or half full. The are to many possibilities.

Why does my fuel gauge in the 1985 Toyota pickup read half when the tank is full?

I have had 3 Toyota Trucks that have done the same thing. Mine will read full to 3/4 tank....when it drips below that, the guage falls to empty. From my brief research most are blaming the fuel sending unit inside the tank. I have not tried this yet but will get back on here when I do to share the outcome.

When your fuel tank is half full your car stalls?

This is a 1999 Ford Courier, btw...If the tank gets below a half tank it will lose power (like if it needed STP gas treatment or something). Then, once you stop and start again it's OK for a while. If you fill the tank, the problem goes away. We've had the car to several mechanics and no one can figure it out. This is a 1999 Ford Courier, btw...If the tank gets below a half tank it will lose power (like if it needed STP gas treatment or something). Then, once you stop and start again it's OK for a while. If you fill the tank, the problem goes away. We've had the car to several mechanics and no one can figure it out.

Your 2004 Chevy Colorado cuts off when it's below a half tank of gas?

Pick-up tube in tank broken, deteriorated?

Why does my 2000 mercury mystique stall under acceleration below half tank of fuel?

replace the fuel pump, located in gas tank.