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No, a cat does not have retractable paws it has retractable claws

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Do cats have paws?

Yes Yep. Most have 4 of them. ---------------------------------------------------- And these paws have retractable claws.

Do cats have retractable claws on both their front and back paws?

Yes, they do.

What does a wild cat and a domestic cat have in common with each other?

They are both meat eaters. They also share the same body plan. That includes everything from paws and retractable claws to excellent night vision and body shape.

What does semi-retractable mean?

in the case of animal paws, semi retractable can mean semi retractable claws, meaning that the claws cannot be retracted completely, but maybe just halfway.

Do cougars have retractable claws?

Yes, the cougar does have retractable claws. The Cheetah has semi retractable. It does not have a sheath to retract the claws in to.

What jungle cat does not have retractable claws?

Fishing cats. They live in the jungle and their claws do not retract.

Are the claws of a cheetah retractable?

Yes, but only partially. Almost all cats have fully retractable claws. However, there are only four cats known to have semi-retractable claws: the Cheetah, the Iriomote Cat, the endangered Flat-headed Cat, and the endangered Fishing Cat.

Which animals do not have retractable claws?

Some lizards, snakes, and birds have non-retractable claws. The cat family are mainly the only animals that have retractable claws.

What do panther paws look like?

giant cat paws .

What do a lion's feet have that is special?

They have retractable claws and their paws had evolved in such a way, that they move without a sound

What do tattoos of cat paws on the human back mean?

They have a cat They have a cat They have a cat

Is it normal for your cat to have colorful paws?

can you describe a cat

What does a cat have four of?

A cat has for legs, and four paws!

What cats do not have retractable claws?

Both the cheetah and the fishing cat have only partially retractable claws.

Do lions have paws?

Yes lions have paws, as they are part of the cat family.

Does a cat have paws or claws?

Cats have both claws and paws on their feet.

What is the only member of the cat family that do no have retractable claws?

Cheetahs do not have retractable claws. Their claws work similarly to dogs' claws.

Is a cheetah a cat or dog?

It is neither actually. It is often misunderstood to be q cat but it is not. It does not have retractable claws.

How many paws does a cat have?


Why does my cat lick his paws?

To clean them

How many paws on a cat?


What are cat feet called?


What has eyes like a cat a tail like a cat and paws like a cat but is not a cat?

A kitten

How can you tell if your cat is in heat?

When your cat is in heat she keeps bouncing her back paws like she's walking only with her back paws.

What type of hand does an Arctic wolf have?

Paws. All members of the canine and cat have paws.