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i honestly think that a charter bus has better gas mileage than a regular school bus a lot better gas mileage if i were to really answer this i would say yes a charter bus does have good gas mileage= ]

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Q: Does a charter bus have good gas mileage?
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What is charter bus gas mileage?

Gas mileage depends, of course, on driving habit as well as driving conditions. Moreover, mileage would depend on if the bus was full of people of not. Generally speaking, a diesel bus get about 4 miles to the gallon fully loaded on the highway, less in during city travel. Rory - retired driver

How much gas mileage does a 1972 VW bus get?


What is the average gasoline consumption of charter buses?

The average gas consumption of charter buses is 8 mpg to 11 mpg. The gas consumption depends on how old the charter bus is and what mechanical condition it is in.

Do Saturn cars get good gas mileage?

Yes Saturn cars have very good gas mileage. They are compact and well made, they have good engineering work behind them that designed a good car with great gas mileage.

Do old Chevy trucks get good gas mileage?

NO. Back then they didn't worry about gas mileage. GAS WAS CHEAP

Does an eclipse get good gas mileage?

That would entirely depend on what you define as good gas mileage if you think around 24 MPG is good then yes

What's a good 4x4 small truck with good gas mileage?

A good 4x4 small truck with good gas mileage is a Chevy or ford pickup truck. Those have always been some of the small 4x4 trucks that have had good gas mileage.

Charter a Bus and Enjoy the Journey ?

A charter bus is an ideal way to enjoy a daytrip, an overnight getaway or an extended vacation. It�s also perfect for sightseeing. With a charter bus, you don�t have to worry about traffic, the price of gas or finding a place to park. You can join a group tour or schedule one for your family or business event. Why drive and arrive at your destination too exhausted to have fun? Charter a bus.

Which hybrid will improve gas mileage?

All hybrids will improve gas mileage. They are very environmental friendly. Not only that bus they use less gas. You wouldn't have to worry about putting as much gas in it as a regular car!

Do you charge for gas and mileage?

Many companies charge for gas and mileage. It is a good idea to keep written records of the gas and mileage used during business hours.

Gas mileage on a 1970 vw bus?

17.5 mpg. Loaded, up an down hill.

Does the 2004 infiniti g35 have good gas mileage?

The 2004 Infinity g35 does provide good gas mileage, in my opinion. It can run twenty-five miles on 1.25 gallons. I find this to be good gas mileage, but that may vary in other opinions.

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