Chipmunks and Squirrels

Does a chipmunk eat meat?

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no. they eat nuts and berries

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Is chipmunk meat OK to eat?

maybe. As long as you know the chipmunk didn't eat rat poison, then it is okay to eat.

Is a chipmunk a scavenger?

No they are herbivores, scavengers eat dead animals, chipmunks eat plants not meat

Does a squirrel eats slug?

um the chipmunk is a herbivores so they don't eat meat

Can you eat chipmunk?


Can you eat a chipmunk?


What eats chipmunk?

fox, coyotes, badgers raccoons and bears eat chipmunk.

What do eastern chipmunk eat?


Will a coyote eat a chipmunk?


What does a chipmunk eat?

a chipmunk eats nuts fungi acorns birds eggs and much more

Will a skunk attack or eat a chipmunk?


Does a black bear eat a chipmunk?

Yes they do!

What eats an chipmunk?

they eat each other

What kind of animal eats flowers?

grasshoppers, chipmunk, squirrel, rabbit, and snake eat flowers sometimes, but most of the time squirrel, and chipmunk eat it.

What is the best bait for a chipmunk?

There is no 'best bait' for a chipmunk. Our little friends will eat any type of vegetation.

What does chipmunk eat?

Chipmunks eat nuts and fruit (berries, etc.)

What a chipmunks eat?

A chipmunk eats berries or they would eat nuts

Do chipmunks eat raccoons?

No, but raccoons might eat a chipmunk if it can catch it.

What does a eastern chipmunk eat?

mainly seeds and nuts

How does a chipmunk eat?

It eats by cracking the nut on the ground

Can a garter snake eat a chipmunk?

No usually Garter Snakes have heads the size of your thumb but if the was a Garter Snake that is bigger 4 thumbs then yes it could eat a chipmunk.

What does a cray fish eat?

they eat meat meat meat.

Can vegetarians eat meat?

They physically can eat meat, but they choose not to eat meat, which is why they are vegetarians.

How many different speices of chipmunk are there?

There are twenty-three different species of chipmunks: Alpine chipmunk Yellow-pine chipmunk Buller's chipmunk Gray footed chipmunk Gray-collared chipmunk Cliff chipmunk Durango chipmunk Merriam's chipmunk Least Chipmunk California chipmunk Yellow cheeked chipmunk Palmer's chipmunk Panamint chipmunk Long-eared chipmunk Colorado chipmunk Red-tailed chipmunk Hopi chipmunk Allen's chipmunk Siskiyou chipmunk Sonoma chipmunk Lodgepole chipmunk Townsend's chipmunk Uinta chipmunk

Will a chipmunk eat a worm?

No way they dont eat worms they eat nuts or somtin lik that and plants

Do hawks eat chipmunks?

yes hawks eat chipmunks because a chipmunk is a rodent