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Depends on where exactly it is situated in your loft. What you must remember it will be taking up space in the loft which is why you are looking for a loft conversion in the first place.

First thing is to call in a few loft conversion specialists to take a look and they can best advice you when on site.

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Q: Does a cold water tank need to be removed when you do a loft conversion?
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How long does it take to have an average loft conversion?

It takes about 6 to 8 weeks on average to have a loft conversion. they have to put stairs there and cut a hole in roof.

What is the white hose hanging out of your roof?

This is probably an overflow pipe from the cold water tank in the loft.

What causes dirty water coming from cold water side in tub?

If the water is coming from the main, it should not be dirty. If it comes from the cold water storage tank in the loft, maybe it needs to be cleaned or covered.

How much is an average loft conversion?

All Loft Conversion prices vary according to what you would like done. Anywhere from £20.000 - £50.000 pounds. Best contact some specialist for a free quote.

Does the water in the loft water tank reach the drinking taps or is it only for heating?

That water is used in the cold taps in your bathroom and for the heated water you use. Don't drink from these taps.

Has anyone any idea that loft conversion London is same as home extension?

Technically it is not. Home extension is adding extra space whereas loft conversion is turning unused space into a livable room. Home-owners no longer need to ask permission for loft conversion after the 2008 law, but I'm not sure if that applies to other types of home extensions.

What is the answer to take a break strike it lucky competition August 2009?

the prize answer is loft conversion.

What purpose does loft boards serve?

Loft boards are pieces of foam board which can be installed in an attic. Loft boards provide insulation to keep warm from escaping and cold air from entering a building.

Where can one go to find interesting ideas for a loft conversion?

Ideas for loft conversions can be found on home design sites such as the Channel 4 Homes section, Rightmove or Houzz. You can also seek inspiration from browsing a portfolio of loft conversions by companies who arrange or build loft conversions such as Apex, Brentwood Lofts or Albion Lofts, or by merely asking friends and families for ideas.

How does loft insulation work?

Generally, the heat in your house rises. This can mean that a lot of heat is lost through the roof. If you put insulation in your loft, the insulation is a poor conductor of heat so the heat stays below the loft and your loft is cold. Then less heat gets to the roof and so less heat is lost.

Why is there noise from the water tank in loft after flushing toiler?

I reckon there is no air vent pipe on the drain line of the toilet you are flushing and the siphon action is sucking out the water in the loft toilet also.

How loft insulation can reduce energy loss in a house?

it stops cold air seeping throught little gaps in the roof because cold goes to hot not hot to cold