Does a custodial parent have the right to keep switching court order visits?

absolutely not. a court order is a court order. if your ex maintains that it is their right as the custodial parent to make these changes at their whim, they are only attempting to convince you that they know more about that arrangement than you do. if the court ordered visits are impairing your amount of time with your child/ children then you do not have to deal with this. you need to show up, as agreed upon in court at the correct time and place to pick up the child/ children with NO exceptions. If they are not there, you call the police and have your ex held in contempt of court. after so many incidences of this she/ he can be put in jail, which is when you request full custody of your child/ children. If you are not exactly seeking full custody but just want to go about this as ordered, that is your right. You will still need to call the police if she is not at the where/ when point agreed upon. Keep really inclusive records, even if you just purchase a notebook to track events, it will still be something you can reference if you go back to court.