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There is NO notification system in place for that. However, if the unit is being "hidden", a good recovery agent will check with a dealership for possible new addresses. Sooo, you can get busted at the repair shop.

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Can a dealership repo your car for stop payment?

Yes they can.

How much does it cost a dealership to pay a repo company to repo your car?

It depends, usually the repo man will come to the dealerships and tell them a price they'll repo a car for. The company I work for charges roughly $150 a car, but if we have to go unusually for to get the car the price goes up accordingly. Like if we have to fly out of state to get a car the dealership pays for the plane ticket plus a few hundred.

Can a car dealership or repo have your driver license suspended for 3 months of non payment?

No, they cannot.

Can a car dealership repo your car if you already have a lender for the vehicle?

The DEALERSHIP won't repossess the car, but the lender might if you don't make the monthly payments as scheduled.

Can you repo a car in the state of Texas for unpaid vehicle repairs?

You can take possession of it for an unpaid mechanic's lien, yes.

Can a dealership file repo on you if you didn't make a down payment?

If the dealership holds the title (Buy Here, Pay Here) then yes. If the bank you financed it with already has the title and you have your tags, then no. The dealership can, however, place a judgment on you for the amount of the down payment.

Is there a repo list in Illinois to see if your car is on it?

want to know if my car is on a repo list

Can a dealership repo a vehicle immediately after the car note was paid in full?

As long as you are in default of something you agreed to in the contract, YES.

Will dealership notify finance company to repo your car if you bring it for service?

Nope. The dealer is completely unaware of your financial situation.

Can you trade in a vehicle in repo status?

You can try, but the moment the dealership finds out (which only takes an instant), they'll reject the trade.

How do you get paid for a car some one wants to repo and you know were it is?

i know a vehicle that is wanted for repo and i know where it is located but will i get payed for telling them and around how and who do i call ? thanks i really appreciate it

Can a dealership repo a car for not paying all downpayment?

A "car dealership" CAN NOT legally repossess a car for any reason unless the are operating as a financial institution (bank/ Lien holder). And they had better be license as a bank if they are. (New York).

Is it true that a lender cannot put a repo on your credit if the car is being repossessed at a repair shop having actual repairs done?

Gina, if the repoman picks it up. its a REPO. Ya cant hide the car in a repair shop.

What will happen if you leased a new car and could not afford the insurance and returned it 2 days later to the dealership?

How did you get away from the dealership without it (ins. coverage)? If ya take it back, its a repo. Call the lender and ask them. Good Luck

What do you need to start a repo service in Illinois?

wanting to start a repo service in Illinois and need to know what all is needed?

If you've been late 8 weekly payments can the dealership report the car as stolen?

IF you are the REGISTERED OWNWER, NO. You cant steal your own car. They can REPO it.

If you return a car to the dealership which financed it will it still be considered a repossession even if you have to pay off the balance?

YES, unless the LENDER decides not to report a repo to the CA.

If you only know the tag number and can't get the VIN can you find out if a car is on the repo list?

You need to go to work for a repo company to learn all this.

How will you know if the repo is off your credit?

If you know that someone is hiding their car from the repo man at your home who do you notify?

You need to know who the leinholder/lender is OR which repo company is looking for it. The VIN is used to trace the leinholder. IF you need more help, email me.

What are the release dates for Operation Repo - 2007 I Don't Know What That Is 5-8?

Operation Repo - 2007 I Don't Know What That Is 5-8 was released on: USA: 21 December 2009

Can a car dealer repo your car if 720 towards the down payment is owed yet chase auto finance has financed it?

A dealership can never repo a car, the bank is the party which would because you owe the BANK (aka chase auto finance) because u financed through them.

If you are current on your payments can the car dealership who sold you the car repo it or is the bank that is financing the vehicle the only one who can do that?

The bank/finance company. The dealer has already been paid for the vehicle

What will the dealership do if your car down payment bounced?

The dealership doesn't do anything. Its the bank you fiance the car through that takes action. Missing one is not anything serious but if you miss three or more in a row they will start calling you non stop and soon enough they will get somebody to repo it from your possession

Can the auto repair shop repo my car for unpaid repairs if they do not file a mechanics lien in tx?

YES IF you signed a payment agreementThey have to file a Mechanics lien if they do not have a signed agreement.