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Does a dental patient need to be informed of the upfront and out-of-pocket costs?

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In theory, yes. Most offices can give you an "estimate" of expense, but to know exactly what your insurance plan will pay is difficult. The problem is each insurance plan is different for almost every patient. We can submit a pre-estimate form for the insurance company, but it takes almost 4 weeks for a response. The best course of action: Ask the provider for the fee and dental code# for the procedure- call your insurance company yourself. Remember: They may say they'll pay 80% - but be sure to ask "80% of their fee or 80% of what you allow"? They're often very different numbers.

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Where would you commonly find the dental laboratory in a dental office?

The dental laboratory is located in a separate area of the dental office(away from the patient treatment area).

Does delta dental cover sedation dental?

This really depends on the plan that you have with your employer. Most of the time sedation is not covered through your dental insurance but you can possibly get some coverage through your medical insurance. You will need to provide a narrative explaining why it is necessary for the patient to have sedation. Most dental insurances do not recognize sedation as being a necessity for the patient that is why you can either get reimbursed from your medical insurance company on the monies that you pay to the dental office. Some dental offices will submit to your medical for you. This is rare but some do that for the patient which is very convenient.

What does the dental office have to do when a dental insurance company overpays on a claim?

Refund the money to the insurance company and bill the patient for the difference.

What if I forget to place apron on a dental patient?

The blouse may get dirty?

What is the best dental clinic in Montclair CA?

Plaza Dental Group. Your dental home for comprehensive health care serving patients for over Twenty Five years. Our family dental practice provide patient.

Can oil of oregano be used instead of antibiotics for dental work for a heart patient?

NO If you are a patient with heart problems, do not take any risks. It is best to take the antibiotics before your dental treatment or you would be risking your life.

Where can a person find an online listing of dental clinics in Toronto?

An online listing of dental clinics in Toronto can be found at Toronto Public Health, Toronto Dental Services, Patient Clinics, and Dental Clinic & Centers in Toronto.

What actors and actresses appeared in As the Tooth Came Out - 1913?

The cast of As the Tooth Came Out - 1913 includes: Dan Mason as Dr. Pullem - the Dentist William Wadsworth as Mr. Aik - the Dental Patient Alice Washburn as Another Dental Patient Ida Williams as The Dental Assistant

Why is the study of general anatomy included in a dental assistant?

Bc it is very important, must know how to explain to your patient why dental services is need

Which member of the dental staff does a patient see to have her teeth cleaned? hydienist

What has the author Laurence I Barsh written?

Laurence I. Barsh has written: 'Dental treatment planning for the adult patient' -- subject(s): Dental therapeutics, Mouth Diseases, Patient Care Planning, Planning, Therapy, Tooth Diseases

What is a dental clearance?

Clearance of all dental work for a patient prior to receiving chemo/radio therapy or any other medical treatment that will not allow dental work once that treatment has begun.

What is a dental operatory?

A dental operatory is a room in a dental office or clinic where dental procedures are performed on patients. A typical dental operatory will be equipped with a patient chair that can be reclined, the dentist and assistants chairs or stools, dental hand pieces (drills) an overhead dental light, high volume suction, water hoses and x-ray equipment.

What is the difference between dental assistant and dental hygienists?

a dental assistant only helps the dentist, but a dental hygienists makes sure that the teeth are ship-shape with nothing else in the teeth so that the patient can feel good walking out of the office

What are the difference between dental nurse and dental assistant?

there is no such thing as a dental nurse. dental assistant is the helper to the dentist and patient advocate. Helping to had the dentist the instruments and materials. and looking out for the patients comfort and safety during procedures. such as providing safety glasses. adjusting the head rest. giving patient instructions on the next visit. and home care. and what to expect at this visit and the next one.

How left handed surgeon adjust the dental chair?

They move to the left side of the patient?

Can thyroid patient undergo dental treatment?

Yes, tell your dentist you are taking thyroid.

Can a dental hygienist administer nitrous oxide and perform dental hygiene procedures on a patient who has also received a single dose sedative?

A dental hygienist may work on a patient who has taken a low dose of relaxant as described above and then requires nitrous oxide during the dental or dental hygiene procedure under the indirect supervision of a dentist. However, in this situation, the dentist must administer the nitrous oxide and also have a Minimal Sedation permit. This is from

How does the American Disability Act relate to the dental office?

The dental office must be capable of providing services to a patient in a wheelchair, as well as accomodating others with disabilities.

What mirror does the Dentist use to examine the teeth of patient?

I believe that the mirror used by a dentist which views your teeth is called a 'Dental Mirror' or a 'Dental Mouth Mirror'.

Inauguration card matter for dental clinic?

The inauguration card matter for dental clinic is usually given to patients visiting a particular dental clinic for the first time. The patient usually has to part with some fee.

If dental office does not file insurance for service done and the patient pays the deductible..can the dental office charge the patient for the balance never charged to the insurance company?

Yes ... the patient, in all cases, is wholly responsible for assuring proper and timely payment of insurance claims. Chances are, the dental office submitted the claim within the time limits and the claim was returned for whatever reason, so the dental office then sends you a statement for the entire bill due instead. You might check with your dental insurance company to make certain everything is okay with your particular coverage plan.

What responseability do dental offices have to patients?

To educate the patient on proper oral home care. To diagnose with aids of xray and visual inspection and offer to treat dental disease.

What is the cons and pros of becoming a dental assistant?

dealing with a patient that has had traumatic past with begin the office

What is a dental recall system?

Dental Recall is the process of rescheduling missed appointments or calling to confirm patient appointments to increase revenue. The main purpose for a dental recall system is to ensure the quality oral health of the dental patients. The increased production maximizes the efficiency and profitability of the practice.