Does a docking station charge an iPod touch?


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yes. but it depends on the docking station, if the cord plugs into the headphone slot then it wont charge the iPod it will eat ur battery and it will die in 5 minutes, but if the docking station plugs into the charging slot then it will charge :) but if u plug in ur ipod to charge it and play music and it dosent play then u may have the same problem as me :S

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You can charge your iPod Touch in it and if it has speakers then you can listen to music and videos .etc!

It depends on the docking station. Check the brands manuel*. Also it may be a connection problem...(i hope not that would really suck)

There are many features for an iPod docking station, but the main reason why people get the docking station, so they would have a home sized amplifier for their music. It can also charge you iPod.

You can charge an iTouch when: a) it's in a docking station b) you have it plugged in with the power outlet adapter c) when it's plugged into a computer

Yes, if is says it charges it, if you don't know then try plugging it in to it

head phones, the ipod touch, polishing cloth, charging cord, instruction manual, and docking station.

A decent ipod docking station can be purchased for under a $100. dollars. They can purchased online or at local retailers where the shipping charge can be avoided.

Yes, if there is an electrical outlet, you can have an iPod docking station in the bathroom (though not recommended due to the water that could damage the iPod and/or the docking station).

Bose is probably the best iPod docking station. The clarity and the sound is amazing. Your little iPod will produce the most amazing sound with this docking station. Bose and iPod are a great combination.

When placed on a docking station, Wi-Fi should not be disabled automatically for any reason.

All iPod docking stations should work with the iPod classic.

No one is credited with producing the first Ipod Docking Stations. Although, the first docking station was invented by Mr. Docking Station in the year 2002.

It depends. Some iPod docking stations have 3.5mm jacks that you can use with a Zune, laptop, or anything with a standard headphone jack. However, you won't be able to charge your Zune on the iPod docking station. Other accessories like chargers and cases will not fit.

Most docking stations will not only charge the iPod but will allow you to play music through the speakers in the docking station as well.Most docking stations will have other neat features as well such as using the music on the ipod for an alarm or give you a remote to control the ipod from the couch.

That has happened to me sometimes, sometimes it must be ur ipod docking station is out of date or u didnt plug the ipod in all the way or maybe something is wrong with the outlet make sure every little thing is perfect n sometimes my ipod nano only charges in a certain posistion in my out dated docking station

You can purchase an ipod docking station almost anywhere online. Also you can purchase them at cell phone stores or at like a walmart. Ipod docking stations are very easy to find to purchase.

Visit your local electronics store, and purchase an iPod docking station. Or you can visit the Apple Website and buy a recommend docking station from them.

Yeah and it comes with a free £100 itunes card when you spend £1000 in store

between £139.99- £159.99 , in curry's you get a free docking station worth £39!!

All iPod docking stations are manufactured to link only with the unique port which is featured on the bottom of different iPod models. Thus, it is not possible to use another device with an iPod docking station.

You can find a docking station for a iPod that also has a alarm clock on it at Wall Mart, Best Buy, and target. But if you want to find a good docking station then you should shop online.

Get the USB to iPod cord and plug it into the computer. It charges through the computer, and if you have a wall adapter, from the wall, too.

The first mp3 docking station was created by SaeHan Information Systems in 1998 and could only be used for the MPMan F10. The iPod docking station was created by Apple and came out in 2003.

it depends on the docking station. on mine it's really simple. you just plug it in to the docking station and hit play on the ipod. mine comes with a little remote. it might be different than mine but that's how mine works.

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