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it has been assumed that when a dog have crossed the bitch, the time to take ejaculate the sperms takes some time (i.e. delayed ejaculation) so the dog get stuck for some time and making it possible for the bitch to become pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-25 11:24:22
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Q: Does a dog have to get stuck when mating?
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How does a male dog get stuck to a female dog during mating?

Mating is a relatively brief process; they mate, and then they separate. They do not get stuck.

Does your dog have a baby for each time she stuck with male?

Dog Breeding and mating

Why was your west highland terrier stuck with the other dog whilst mating?

Dogs always get stuck together after mating never pull them apart it can tear the female up

Why do wolves get stuck after mating?

Canines' mating procedure is only part done when the dog tries to dismount the female. Her organ clamps down on his until the process is done. Getting 'stuck' is the way it is supposed to work!

Can cats get stuck to dogs after mating?

If your dog and cat are mating then there is something wrong there. And yeah they can cause my two dogs had once. So i guess its the same for cats too.

If the female dog gets stuck with the male when they are mating does that mean she is pregnant?

yes well it depends on how long they were stuck.if they are stuck for more then 4 hours there is a major chance that she is.

Male dog bleeding after mating?

Male dog bleeding after mating?

How do you know if they are mating?

they stuck togather

Does your dogs always get stuck after mating?


How long will a female dog bleed after mating?

The dog will finish her heat cycle on schedule after mating

Can a dog have pups without mating?

No, a dog cannot have pups without mating. Mating needs to happen so the female can get pregnant with the pups.

Your dog penis doesnt go in after you pull him while stuck mating?

TAKE HIM TO A VET dont EVER pull apart dogs that are stuck together you could kill or SERIOUSLY injure one or both of them

Do you have pics of cats stuck to dogs mating?

No. weirdo

What does it mean when you see roaches stuck together?

they are mating

How do you get a dog pregnant?


How do love bugs get stuck together?

"lovebugs" that are stuck together are mating. :D hope this helps!

How can a female dog get pregnant?

By mating with a male dog.

What is knotting?

usually in reference to dog mating where the male dog penis develops a large "knot" at the end during mating.

Why do cats get stuck after mating?

Because they get intimate haha lol

A picture of dogs mating?

Some dog books have pictures of dogs mating.

Why do some dogs get stuck when mating?

It is because, the dogs male organ expands after it enters the female dogs vagina. This makes it difficult for the male dog to retract his organ. This expansion or swelling will last for around 5-10 mins and the two mating dogs have to be stuck to one another during this duration. Once the swelling subsides the male dog would be able to retract his organ and get away from the bitch

Can a rabbit have babies after mating with a dog?


Where is this dog mating with a woman?


Why does a female dog gt stuck to a male dog?

The female dog gets stuck to a male dog because it is making love

Would dog shampoo stop a dog from mating another dog?

NO! You have to spay or neuter.