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The personal qualifications needed to become a family physician is that there will be long hours needed to work and you will have to love the field.

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yes they do need one if not they wouldn't be smart enough to handle the steps and processes needed in this field

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No, they call them doctor because they only graduated highschool. Its a term of endearing respect for people you trust your life with but have the same high school diploma as you

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Q: Does a family physician need to have a graduate degree?
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Do I need a degree to become a physician assistant?

Yes you need a degree

What you need to do when you graduate Lincoln Technical?

I need to graduate and start looking for jobs in the position that i have my degree on.I need to keep doing what i need to do so i can get my degree and move on with my education or career.

What are the different graduate degrees associated with the medical field?

First you need to get an Associate's degree. From there you need to receive your Bachelor's degree. Then you move on to your Undergraduate and Post Graduate degrees. Then I believe you need to get your Graduate and Doctorates degree. So that is a total of six degrees you need to achieve to become a doctor.

What diplomas do you need to get a job as a veterinarian?

You need a doctorate's degree in Veterinary Medicine, which is a graduate degree you obtain after completing a bachelor's degree.

Do you need prior education to apply for graduate school?

Yes you'll need prior education, you will need to get a bachelor's or an undergraduate degree first before you can apply for a graduate school to get a master's degree.

What kind of education do you need to become a physician?

bachelor's degree and pre med degree.

What type of degrees do you get when you graduate high school?

You need to graduate university not high school to get a degree

Need to know where to find a student that will help in legal work, a paralegal?

A degree as a Physician's Assistant is a graduate program. In general this would require a bachelor's degree in an appropriate or related field, and then four semesters of graduate work. It is a rigorous curriculum. The University of North Dakota has a PA program. Check it out here:

Does an ophthalmologist need a bachelor's degree?

An ophthalmologist is a medical physician. She/he needs a lot more than a bachelor's degree.

What qualifications are needed to get physician assistant jobs?

If someone wants to be a physician's assistant they will need to have good graduate qualification. They will also need to have some experience of science and medicine in order to understand what is required.

Does Nancy pelosi have a graduate degree?

Does Nancy Pelosi have a degree in social work? I need a yes or no answer to my question. thanks

Do you need to get a post graduate degree if you major in Management?

Majoring in management does not require a post graduate degree, although it is a pipeline that often ends with graduate school. Many Management graduates go on to careers right out of school.