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No. You got to go the doctors to find out.

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Q: Does a fast heartbeat mean the baby is a girl?
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What does it mean if baby's heartbeat is 170 at 12 weeks?

you're having a girl

What does a fast fetus heartbeat mean?

Fast fetus heartbeat may mean lack of oxygen inside or fetal your answer here...

What does it mean when there is a heartbeat at 6 weeks but no heartbeat at 6.5 weeks?

Sometimes the baby turns and causes you not to be able to hear the heartbeat.

What does it mean if you cant hear your baby's heartbeat at 3 months?

it means that your baby died

Does a heartbeat at 172 beats per minute at 11 weeks mean it is a girl?

No. It could be a boy or a girl.

What does it mean if i have a fast heartbeat and feel dizzy?

If you have a fast heart beat and feeling dizzy it is called syncope.Two of the signs of a cardiac problem.

What does it mean to dream of giving birth to a baby girl a twice?

What does it mean when you dream your having a baby girl

Does a fetal heartbeat of 160 bpm at 30 weeks mean you are having a girl?

No, it means your baby's heartrate is within normal limits. You're having a girl if your baby has two X chromosomes... And the only way to tell is to look between her legs.. Everything else is susperstition.

What does it mean if Rorri Peaton calls you baby girl?

It means he loves you very much as if you were his baby girl and his girlfriend he called you baby girl honey does that mean alot for you

What does it mean if a baby is born with only one artery and one vein in the umbilical cord?

Will my baby die with a heartbeat at 110 hpm.

What does bbyg mean?

baby girl

If your fetus heartbeat runs around 150 per minute does that mean that its a boy or girl?


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