Does a four month baby stamp its feet inside the mothers tummy?

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You can start feel the fetus move at 4 months but I wouldn't call it stamping.
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What is the value of War ration book four with stamps inside?

You might be able to get a few dollars for it from someone lookingfor World War 2 memorabilia. Book 4 was a sort of catch all forthings like tires and shoes and not one used often. A few dollars to the right collector. Everyone that lived in the USwas issued ration books, so they are pretty common. ( Full Answer )

How can babies live inside of you for nine months without drowning?

Answer . Everything essential for life is supplied from mother to baby through the umbilical cord.. Answer . Babies don't breathe while they're in the womb. It's impossible for a fetus to drown. Organs don't start developing until a few months in. The lungs, even when fully developed, don't e ( Full Answer )

Do Babies breath inside their mothers stomach?

i dont know. when they did my ultrasound, i saw the babys tummy inflate and diflate ====== Babies in the uterus (womb) don't breathe as we know it as they are enclosed in a sac of fluid. Their lungs "breathe" in this fluid and then "breathe" it out. They also swallow and excrete this fluid (amnio ( Full Answer )

Is there a risk on the baby if the mother has chickenpox on her 9th month pregnancy?

Complications that can affect the unborn baby vary, depending on how many weeks pregnant you are when you catch chickenpox. The risk of chickenpox during pregnancy is that the infant may contract it. If the mother develops her chickenpox rash between 6 and 21 days before delivery, her baby's case is ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if the baby is yours if the mother is pregnant for one month?

the woman could have one of two procedures done: an amniocentesis, or a CVS (chorionic villi sampling). but, most likely neither of these tests would be performed as early into the pregnancy as 4 weeks. amniocentesis is usually performed 15 to 18 weeks into a pregnancy. CVS is usually performed 10 t ( Full Answer )

How does baby look at four months?

Do you mean four months of pregnancy? It is more or less as it will look when it is born, just a whole lot smaller. YOu can just about tell whether it is a boy or a girl.

What happens when the baby dies inside the mothers womb?

f it was after 24 weeks it would be a stillborn baby so the mother would have to be induced into labour and give birth to it. If it died before it was 24 weeks then it would be classed as a misscarraige but the mother may have to still give birth.x

What happens when the baby dies inside the mother?

This is called a 'miscarrage.' This will usually happen when the mother is smoking or drinking while pregnant. If this happens, then you will have to try to have another baby.

Can a 3 month baby in it's mother stomach move?

Yes it can move, but that does not mean you will feel it. It is still floating freely in your uterus and not strong enough or big enough to make any movements you will feel.

Can you feel your baby move at four months?

hi,. Im five months pregnant and only started to feel the baby kick in the lower abdomen about 18 - 19 weeks into pregnancy, it feels like gas bubble popping in the lower part of your stomach, it all depends on you everyones different, dont worry it just happens later for some people, hope this hel ( Full Answer )

What do the doctors do when your baby dies inside of you at 1 month pregnancy?

A miscarriage at 1 month will probably pass itself, and you will barely notice it (whether you even knew you were pregnant when it happened is also unlikely). If you were, or think you were, pregnant and are concerned with having had a miscarriage, you should visit your doctor. They can confirm whet ( Full Answer )

The time that a baby grows inside its mother?

The period that a baby spends in its mother's womb developing and growing, is called the gestation period. In human beings, the gestation period is 9 months.

How long is baby ina mothers tummy for?

Normally 9 months from conception. To work out the expected date of birth, take the first date of your last period, add 10, minus 3 and add one year. Example: 01/04/2009 = 11/01/2010.

How does a baby come out of mommy's tummy?

Babies come out of a mommy's tummy through a C-Section.... Alsoknown as a Cesarean Section which is a surgical procedure in whichone or more incisions are made through a mother's stomach anduterus to deliver the baby.

How many months does the baby stays in his mothers womb?

40 weeks, so 10 months. Although ur technically not pregnant until the 4th week of pregnancy. so 9 months 1 eeks, unless u have it early. A baby is considered full term and not premature at 37 weeks gestation. 10 months Human fetus's stay in the mother's womb anywhere from 8 - 10 months, optimally a ( Full Answer )

How long does the baby stay inside the mothers stomach?

Never. Babies do not EVER enter the mother's stomach; they grow in the womb (also called the uterus) and they usually stay there for 9 months, give or take several days, although babies have been known to survive when born after only 22 weeks.

Do babies have life inside the mothers womb?

This is a very strange question; I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I will answer this as closely to what you mean as possible. Infants are life- they are living beings and are supplied with nutrients from their mother through the placenta and umbilical cord; the umbilical cord leads directly ( Full Answer )

My mother has a friend who is four months pregnant who wants my mom to adopt the baby. My mother hasn't told my father. How should she proceed?

Adoption is a big deal. First step? Your mom needs to talk to her husband about it. Both of them need to be committed to the adoption for it to work. Second: talk to a lawyer about setting up the adoption paperwork; this is more involved than just signing a piece of paper between your parents ( Full Answer )

Does a baby get hurgry inside his mother belly?

No, the baby is supplied with food in its blood via the placenta, the placenta is connected to the mother's blood supply and the baby's food gets to it from the mothers blood.

Does an unborn baby feel anything when the mother rubs their tummy?

Yes. How can you tell? 1. If you rub your tummy and your baby stops moving, or slows down, or changes their movement, this might mean they have felt you rubbing! 2. If you tap your tummy and they tap or kick back, then they have definitely felt you! 3. Even if you don't physically feel a ( Full Answer )

Can a baby die inside the womb at 7 months?

Yes they can. There are different reasons for it and sometimes there is no explanation. Sometimes women take it as a sign that the baby is not moving much but then you have to remember that the space is getting smaller. Ask your doctor for a ultrasound if you are worried.

How do babies get inside a mothers stomach?

First, the male and the female have sexual intercourse. (the male's penis goes into the woman's vagina) The, slowly a baby forms inside the female's uterus. After 9 months or so, the baby is born.

How do they remove a dead baby that has past inside the mother?

It depends on how far along you are. Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester and then it's either by inducing by pill which can happen at home or by surgery where the doctor will scrape the uterus and make sure nothing is left to cause infection. If it's later in the pregnancy they will also ( Full Answer )

How is the baby protected inside a mothers body?

before the baby is born it floats in amniotic fluid which contains nutrients and protects the baby from the inside. it allows the baby to move around so its muscles and bones can develop properly

How long does a baby emerald tree boa stay in its mother tummy?

Emerald Tree Boas will generally stay in their mother's tummy (also known as gestation) for 5-6 months. When they are born they usually have 8-12 brothers and sister (also known as litter size). Emerald Tree Boas can grown to over 5ft in length!

Do kangaroos babies develop fully inside the mother?

No. As marsupials, kangaroo babies (joeys) develop for only a short time in the mother's uterus, compared to the time they spend in the pouch. There are over 60 species of kangaroos, and gestation ranges from 19 days for the tiny musky rat-kangaroo to about 33-36 days for the kargest species, the r ( Full Answer )

How will a baby gorilla inside a gorilla tummy get its food?

If gorillas have the same sort of anatomy as humans, I imagine they get fed through the umbilical cord in the mothers stomach, this would happen when the mother gorilla feeds. This is only if gorillas have the same sort of anatomy as humans go. . Hope this helped!

Do amphibian babies grow inside of their mothers?

In most cases, no. They eggs are externally fertilized and hatch in the water. There are a couple species that do grow inside, one example being the Sumerian toad. No, they lay their eggs and have external fertilization.

What happens to a mother if the 7 month baby dies in her stomach?

This is usually not an immediate health risk to the mother, andtypically labor will begin spontaneously within two weeks or so. If the mother doesn't want to wait, or if labor hasn't startedwithin two weeks, doctors can induce labor to expel the dead fetus.(Doctors don't like to wait much longer th ( Full Answer )