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Does a gallon of water weigh the same in space?


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no it does not weighs the same


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about the same as a gallon of water: 8+ lbs

Yes. A gallon is a unit of volume. Therefore, a gallon of anything will always take up the same space.

Ice is less dense than water. So a gallon water frozen to a solid block will weigh the same but be 1.1 X its original volume. Conversely a block of ice ocupying the volume taken by a gallon of water willweigh about 0.9 times the gallon of water.

No, because gasoline has a lower density than water.

A gallon of water and a gallon of gasoline have the same volume measure. A gallon, which is a measure of volume, is a gallon, is a gallon. But the gasoline is less dense than water, so it will weigh less. The weight of a gallon of water is about 8.34 pounds , while a gallon of gasoline weighs in the ball park of about 6.25 pounds, depending on the fuel. The gallon of water, which is the same volume as a gallon of gasoline, weighs a bit over 2 pounds more because the water is more dense.

That depends on what the contents are. A gallon of water doesn't weigh the same as a gallon of sand, oil, milk, etc.

One gallon of space is the same as four (4) quarts of space. It has nothing to do with the containers around the space, or the substance in the containers.

At 20 oC or 293 K or 68 oF, the densities of water and raw milk are 0.998 and 1.03 g/cm3 respectively. As the density of raw milk is slightly more than that of water, 1 gallon of milk will weigh slightly more than 1 gallon of water. However, for practical purposes, it can be considered that, both will weigh the same (as the densities are almost the same).

The same as above the water. Lead is a dense metal and has no bouyancy at all.

The water vapor weighs less. The ice will be heavier because the state of matter it is. Just because they are both gallons doesn't mean they weigh the same. That is volume and NOT weight.

That depends what the fluid is. Not all fluids weigh same.

One gallon weighs 128 ounces one Imperial (UK) gallon weighs 160 ounces A gallon of Orange Juice, milk, water, ketchup, etc will weigh the same

== == Ice is frozen water, so the ice would weigh the same as the water that was applied to the surface during the " flooding process ". Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One thousand gallons of water would weigh about 8,000 pounds.

No, One gallon of oil weighs less than one gallon of water as oil density is less than water density. Oil density is in the range of 925-980 kg/meter cube while water is around 1000 kg/meter cube

You wouldn't weigh anything in space. Your mass, however, is always the same.

It would weight the same. Water expands as it freezes so the volume would increase but weight would not change.

As the water is heated the amount of space that the water (now a vapor) increases in size (spreads out) but the mass (weight) is the same. If you could weigh all the vapor, it would weigh the same.

The density (mass/volume) of the oil is less than the density of water. It is the same reason that ice floats on the top of water, rather than sinking. The density of frozen water (ice) is less than the density of liquid water.

Almost the same as pure water The specific gravity of fermented wine is very close to that of water, because although the weight is increased by dissolved solids, it is reduced by the alcohol content. Sweet wines tend to have a higher SG, so they weigh a bit more per gallon than water, which weighs 8.34 pounds per US gallon. During the winemaking process, it can weigh as much as 9 pounds or more.

200 Gallons of what? Gallon is an unit of volume, so to get the weight you need to know the density of the substance. 200 gallons of sawdust wouldn't weigh the same as 200 gal of water.

There are two units of measurement which are called 'gallon' 1 imperial gallon (uk) is equal to 4.54609188 litres 1 US gallon is equal to 3.78541178 litres I have to assume you want to compare a gallon and a liter of the same liquid. In this case a gallon will always be heavier than a liter. However if you compare for example a gallon of air with a liter of water, the liter of water will weigh more than the gallon of air.

In a micro gravity, if the mass of each are equal they would 'weigh' the same.

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