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Girls say they like someone if you ask. They are tricky sometimes. So if she asks you say you like her. She is too shy to say she likes you. So you just say you like her. Most girls are shy. 87% of people get stage freight. This is just like stage freight. Good luck!



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Does a girl like you is she asks what do you look for in a girl?

This is not always the reason. They may ask you because you may have a friend they like and would like to ask you instead of them...but it still could mean she likes you

What does it mean if a guy tells a girl that asks him if he likes you for you that he doesn't like you?

mabey you should just ask yourself...

How do you ask out a girl if her best friend likes you?

It depends, do you like the other girl who likes you? if so, ask HER out. If not, then just ask out the girl you like.

What to do when the guy you really like and likes you but wont ask you out btw he thinks its weird if a girl asks a guy out what should i do?

ask first in a nice way

If you like a boy and he knows that he likes you but he doesnt say anything does he like you?

ok ok ok the girl has to ask the guy ok im a guy i know the girl asks the guy about in love the guy asks the girl about marriage though.

What does it mean if my guy friend asks me who i like?

He either: Likes you-if he blushes at you when he asks Or a friend of his likes you and is too shy to ask you himself

Does a guy like you if he asks if you have a boyfriend?

Answeri think that might be true. if a guy likes you the way to pull the ice is to ask a girl if they have a boyfriend.

Who should ask the other out first boys or girls?

A girl thinks its more traditional for the boy to ask and a boy likes it when a girl asks.

How do you know a sixth boy likes you and not let him know you like him?

Ask your friend to ask him if he likes you...but don't make it obivous that you like him when she asks for ya!!!

How do you find what a girl likes?

a girl likes when you keep looking at her if she smiles back that might mean she likes you. and that's your chance dude right away come to her and ask if she likes youASK ASK ASK ASK ASK ASKthere is are 2 guys i like but i am not sure if they like me.

What should you do if you like a girl but don't know if she likes you?

Well I am a girl, and if you like a girl and you know that she likes you then, have your friend ask her out for you.

You like this girl and she likes you but she has a boyfriend?

if you like her and your positive that she likes you then let her know. but if she is still committed to her boyfriend then wait for their relationship to run its natural course and then if you are still positive that she likes you, ask her out to a movie or something and see how it goes. a girl doesn't like anything more than when the girl that she likes asks her out and if she shuts you down she obviously didn't like you as much as you thought.

What do you do when a girl likes a boy and he like her but a girl is to shy to ask him her out?

If you like the girl just ask her! it will be fine if you know she likes you just ask her and it will be ok i promise!!!!! tell me when you get the news!! that girl is going to be so happy!!!

What do you do when you like a girl and a girl likes you in fourth grade?

ask her out

What should you do if a girl you like likes you?

ask her out

What to do if a girl likes you and you like her back?

Ask her out

How does a teenage girl get a boyfriend?

by finding a guy she likes, flirting with him, dressing up for him, and getting him to like her so he asks her out :) or just ask a guy out herself :)

What does it mean if a girl asks your friend if you like her?

well im a girl but when ever i guy wanted to ask me out of they liked me and wanted to know if i liked them back they had there friend come and ask me so im guessing this girl likes you and wants to know if you like her back and buddy if you do like her back ask you friend if she like you then if she does make the move meaning ask her out

How can you find out if a girl likes you like you like her?

Ask and talk to the girl ,find out,ask a friend to ask her but dont be a stocker

How does a boy act around a girl he likes?

well they pick on them and when someone asks them if they like that girl and they will deny and have a guilty look on their face well im in this situation and im waiting 4 him to ask me out still waiting and well he treats me like a girl he likes bcause he pics on me

What if you like this girl but you don't know if she likes you back?

ask her if she likes you

Like a Girl but dont know if she likes you?

just ask her if she likes you

What does it mean if your guy friend asks you what kind of things you care about and you ask him what he means and he says things like people.?

It means that, if you are a girl and a guy asks you that he probably likes you. what does it mean when an ex-boyfriend asks about his old girlfriend to her friends? If he asks you what kind of things you care about and means people he usually wants to know who you like cause he probably likes you.

How can you a girl tell if a girl likes you?

She always looks at you and if she really likes you she might get her friend to see if you like her, or she will ask you out or get her friend to ask you out for her

What to do if you like a girl but her twin likes you?

Then you don't like the girl who likes you, like a love triangle, sort of. Why would you ask that anyway?