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Well many girls i know do they exact same thing i talk with tons of girls and they smile to me but they are dating some of my other friends either its friendly or it may be she likes you. But if u like her you can get to know her better and maybe something will happen

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I have 2 crushes1 is with a guy I've known for 7 years we have great connection but he's going out with one of my BFF The other one is someone that always makes you smile what do i do?

Since, the guy you've known for 7 years is going out with one of your BFF's, forget him. Don't try to steal him away, this could ruin your friendship with the guy and your BFF. Try it with the guy that always make you smile, it's hard finding those type of guys these days.

Is a gummy smile a dominant trait?

Yes, yes it is. I do family portrait photography for over 10 years and whenever one parent has a gummy smile, all of their children will always have a gummy smile.

Was Gregory walling ever governor?

No, He is a staple of the Annapolis Maryland Bar scene. He has been called the governer for years. Not sure why, maybe because of they way he is friendly with everyone, everyone knows him. And he always gives a kind smile and a little chat.

When will the next comet pass earth and when?

Many comets are irregular - they may come back after millions of years, or not at all. So, it can't always be known in advance when there will be a comet.Many comets are irregular - they may come back after millions of years, or not at all. So, it can't always be known in advance when there will be a comet.Many comets are irregular - they may come back after millions of years, or not at all. So, it can't always be known in advance when there will be a comet.Many comets are irregular - they may come back after millions of years, or not at all. So, it can't always be known in advance when there will be a comet.

What is the life expectantcy of bearded dragon?

The average is 12-15 years - but there are always exceptions. Some have been known to reach 20 years.

What organ or system does tuberculosis affect?

Tuberculosis (Known years ago as consumption) almost always affects the lungs.

What is the right little gift that an 18 years old girl should buy for a male older friend to thank him because he always gives her a lift to and from sport activities?

well seeing that he always gives you lift to and from sports activities, how about giving him money to buy petrol=]

Who is Lauren browns best friend?

Lauren has two bestfriends , Georgia hallard , who she has known for 10 years (since nursery , who she is always with in school but never out of school bcos she is always at her gay caravan , or going to primark.! but i love her for ever and always x also Nicole ,mclean , she has known her for 4 years , and they go on reli big hypes :P i love her forever and always x Love Lauren xx

How old was Justin Bieber when he sing you smile?

He was 16 years old

What was the internet originally known as?

It has always been known as the Internet. However, it was only available to the government, government contractors, research institutions, colleges and universities for many years after it was created. no the internet was not allways known as internet.It was first known as ARPANET

How to know if your boyfriend really wants to break up if we are together for 3 years and always break up?

When he talks to you does he smile, an let out a laugh or giggle when he talks to you? If he does. He is living about wanting to patch it up, he is looking for a way out.

Did Michael Jackson have a crooked smile?

Yes, Michael Jackson does have a crooked smile. When he smiles his big smile, or laughs you will notice that his lower lip opens up more on his left side. I have noticed this on photos of him that are quite recent, up to a few years old. However the crooked smile was not apparent in his younger days. The crooked smile only makes him even sexier!

Why does this boy I've known for 7 years always quiet around me but never to anyone else?

he may like you or just not be comfortable talking to you

You are in love with your PA-c and you don't know how to tell him you'v known him for years you get the feeling he does to but you are scared?

Get yourself a copy of "He's just not that into you". If he has known you for years and hasn't asked you out, he's really not that into you. Don't EVER declare your love to a man you have a crush on. If he wants you, he is NOT too shy to ask you out on a date, he doesn't want to for whatever reason. Flirt with him, smile at him but let him to the chasing.

Who are some famous dirt bike riders?

Travis Pastrana, Randy Lake, those are my favorite, travis pastrana was the first to do a double backflip years ago, now he is known for that title and he continues to make us smile daily.

Why is little known about much of Earth's early history?

Actually a lot is known about. Historians can go back 65 million years and have found early man dating about 12000 years ago. More information is always being uncovered and found. So it is never ending.

How long would it take to drive to the stars?

At 100 km per hour:-For an example it would take 16.7 days to drive around Earth's equator.or 171 years to reach the SunTo the nearest star Proxima CentauriRoughly 46 million years.Proxima Centauri is our nearest star at approximately 4.243 light years.This equates to about 40,141,879,395,160 Kilometers. Divide by 100 gives 401,418,793,951.6 hours.Convert to years gives about 45,793,676.6 yearsTo Betelgeuse a star in the Constellation OrionRoughly 7 billion yearsBetelgeuse is about 640 light years awayThis equates to about 6.055 x 1015 kilometers. Divide by 100 gives 60,547,381,800,000 hours.Convert to years gives about 6,900,000,000 years.To the furthest star known Abell 1835 IR1916.Roughly 14 quintillion yearsAbell 1835 is about 13.2 billion light years awayThis equates to (wait for it) 1.23 x 1023 kilometers. Divide by 100 gives (it's going to be big) 123,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hours.Convert to years gives about 1.4 x 1019 years. Which is ............ 14,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. (You were warned)

Were was the home of the Hebrews?

WAS and IS Israel.The home of the Hebrews has always been the area now known as Israel.And here we're talking something like 4,000 years.

Why was Robert e lee known as the idol of the south?

Always fighting from a disadvantage in men and materiel, Lee held off the Union forces for four years.

I recently got really close to a guy whom I've known for years and now i fell like hanging out with him always is this love?

Women you're late

How can you tell if a ex girlfriend likes you again after four years?

does she stare at you talk to you all the time smile at you

If a guy you've known for years asked about a photo of the two of you kissing after many years of not seeing or talking to this person When asked if he liked it he has a big smile What does that mean?

Why not try a direct approach and ask him yourself. Seems to me the recollection of the photo has stayed with his memory for some reason or other that brings pleasant thought to his head.

What kind of girl does Justin Bieber like and how old does she should to be for him to fall for her?

Justin Bieber likes nice and sweet girls and always looks for a girl with a beautiful smile. The girl would have to be around 15-19 years old, since he is only 17.

What is a monster starting with x?

xuina is a monster known by the amazonian tribe of the lakukias who are inhabitated in Brazil. this mosnter they believe lived 2000 years ago and is what gives the leaves its green colour.

For years to come Scrooge always keeps?

He always kept Christmas