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Does a girl like you if you have asked her out and she keeps saying she don't know?


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June 25, 2011 1:58PM

The answer to your ?

If she says she doesn't know than chances are she doesn't like you. But that doesn't mean you cant turn things around. Don't ask her out all the time. Ignore her for a few days, don't call her, don't talk to her, and when you see her the next time and she asks you about it, tell her you cant talk right now that you have stuff you've got to do. Girls like challenges...Be tough and make sure you know your in control and happy with yourself, then you can have any girl you want

The guy above me is right. girls don't like nice guys. this is a fact. I am a guy that has asked out boatloads of girls, i used to get rejected primarily because i asked too early or i was too nice. when i changed my ways, though, (eg. waiting a few days, having the tough, i don't care, but i do actually, demenaor) i got about 95% YES. i am telling you to never ever ever keep asking out a girl repeatedly. it will annoy her and she will ultimately never say yes to you. As the guy or girl above me said, just ignore her for a few days and act aloof, and she will then want you more. its weird but its true.