Green Beans

Does a green bean pod grow on a tree?

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Are green beans a bean?

Answer - Green beans are unripe bean pods. When you eat green beans, you are eating beans, but they are still in the pod.

What part of a plant is peanuts?

Peanuts are the seeds of a pod that happens to grow underground; a pod is in the bean family.

What is the outer layer of a green bean called?

This is called the pod, or hull.

Is green beans in the bean category?

Green beans are unripe bean pods. When you eat green beans, you are eating beans, but they are still in the pod. EXACTLY u r still eating yummy beans! in a pod with the beans concealed inside!

Which part of the plant is the bean?

Beans are contained inside the bean pod which is also edible. These pods grow on climbing vines.

Do pinto beans grow in a shell?

They grow in a pod. I grow Anasazi beans every year, a type of ancient pinto bean. They look just like a green bean . . . and I let the beans dry in the pod, keeping a close eye on them, since they will drop their beans from the pod after a while. I harvest them and finish drying them on sheets of newspaper or paper towels. Easy to grow, and much better than store bought . . . Especially if you keep it organic ! No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed sprays. Keep it natural, keep it healthy !

Are peas green?

yes they are green. the pea is a green pod shaped thing, they grow on bushes.

Are speckled butter beans the same as northern beans?

no, the great northern bean is a fully developed "green" or "string" bean, the speckled butter bean is a flat pod bean, and bears almost no resemblance.

Is a coco bean grown from a single seed?

(This answer assumes the question is about the "Cocoa" bean from which Chocolate is made.) The Cocoa bean is the seed of the Cacao tree. Cacao trees may be grown from a single seed (that is, Cocoa bean), however in practice they are often propagated from a "cutting" to control the genetic heritage of the plant. (Cocoa beans are found in "Pods", that grow from the trunk of the tree, containing many beans or seeds. It is not necessary to plant a whole pod to get a tree.)

From which part of the vanilla plant is vanilla flavoring derived?

the bean. It is inside of a little pod that looks like a green bean only they are brown. That is where they get the vanilla flavoring.

Are there pea trees?

There is not a such thing as a pea tree Peas grow inside a pod on vines.

What soil do you need to plant a kidney bean?

Pod beans of all types will grow well in standard garden soil.

Is a cocoa bean a fruit?

No, the cocoa pod is the tree's fruit, not the bean. The bean is actually the fruit's seed.

What is the kernel of cacao bean?

The cocao bean is actually the kernal or "seed" of the cocoa pod.

What is the name of the tree that has bright green large heart shaped leaves and a fairly large sticky pod?

A hearty oakish lionish eggish tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 letter word for bean hull?

A three letter word for bean hull is "POD".

What was the seed pod in the movie the Fountain?

Tommy plants a tree seed pod at the foot of Izzi's grave. The seed pod is from a Sweetgum tree, though the pod seems to have lost all of its seeds.

What part of the plant green beans come from?

answer 2 Green bean plants come in several styles, dwarf, scarlet runner, > 2.5m tall. Their pod lengths run from about 100mm to c400mm respectively.In all cases they are the seeding part of the bean plant, the genera Phaseolus.Green beans are not necessarily coloured green, the adjective may mean that they were picked before they were fully ripe, and this is the common condition and means that the whole pod and contents may be eaten.Dwarf beans in my garden are coloured green, purple, and yellow.Their flower has a long tube, and locally the bumble bees just drill a hole through the tube wall to get at the nectar, which results in sterile flowers, and no beans.Broad Beans differ from the other common beans in having a broad ( 30mm wide) pod, and the beans themselves are up to 40mm long, nestled in a fluffy bed in the pod. The bean itself is covered with a green-grey skin, and if this is removed, the green bean inside tastes quite different. In this condition it makes a nice addition to a salad. Many folk do not like the taste of broad beans, but the slight bitterness is due to the skin, not the bean.

What is a good way to eat soy bean pods as snack?


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