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no never ever ever ever!

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Q: Does a guy actually want to be just friends with an old hookup?
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How do you tell a guy you just want to be friends after a drunken hookup?

Just simply tell him that it was just a drunken hookup that meant nothing more.

How do you get a guy to want more than just a hookup?

Don't do anything sexually to the point he thinks it's just a hookup

What is a good hookup line to get a guy?

"Hookup" implies getting together for sex. If that's what you mean, just tell him you really want to hookup.

Why do most boys just want a hookup?

Because they view sex differently than most women do.

She asked if were going as friends is that bad?

It can be. She could actually want to be going as friends or she could just not want to assume your her date and do something stupid like try and kiss you if your just going as friends. It can go either way. Just tell her thaat you'd be open to either.

What does you just want to be friends mean?

It means u dont want a relationship with someone, just to be friends

If a guy friend tells you goodnight qt what does that mean does he like you or is he just being nice?

Mostly it means he actually likes you he may not want a relationship with you but he thinks your cute. He may want to just be friends (sorry if he's hot) or may actually want a relationship. :)

How do you make a boy not to like you but just be friends?

Tell him you want to be just friends.

Can you get me and jaden smith a hookup?

no bcu he has a gf who is my best friend i know him his family friends gf and verything if u want to know follow me on twitter @anaisbieber123 or @jaden_anais

What are the rules of friendship?

There are no rules, just who whoever you want to be and if someone wants to be friends with you and you want to be friends with them then be friends.

How do you get a boy to want to get back with you?

TELL HIM omg and if he doesnt want you back stuff him cause he is the one missing out not you ....and if that doesnt work go up to him and hookup hook up is when u kiss with toungue it works everytime ive had 10 boys friends and whenever i hookup with them it works -dolly magazine in disguise xoxoxo hope it works

What if someone wants to be just friends but you dont want to be just friends?

Difficult, but if the other person does not want to be more to you then that is the end of it.

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