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Because they view sex differently than most women do.

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Q: Why do most boys just want a hookup?
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How do you get a guy to want more than just a hookup?

Don't do anything sexually to the point he thinks it's just a hookup

What is a good hookup line to get a guy?

"Hookup" implies getting together for sex. If that's what you mean, just tell him you really want to hookup.

How do you tell a guy you just want to be friends after a drunken hookup?

Just simply tell him that it was just a drunken hookup that meant nothing more.

How do you get a sluty girlfriend?

well i wouldn't want one but if you want to its like any other hookup. more than likely you will find them at a party with many boys

Does a guy actually want to be just friends with an old hookup?

no never ever ever ever!

What boys want to hear from girls?

Boys want to know that your into them but keep the complements to the boys Boys most likely would also like to talk to you so just go up to a boy and start and conversation

When is the most times boys want girls?

The most time boys want girls is in bed

What are emo boys into in a girl?

They just want that girl to be emo to and not like most popular girls.

Why do boys want sex?

Because most boys are pigs.

How do you get a boy to want to get back with you?

TELL HIM omg and if he doesnt want you back stuff him cause he is the one missing out not you ....and if that doesnt work go up to him and hookup hook up is when u kiss with toungue it works everytime ive had 10 boys friends and whenever i hookup with them it works -dolly magazine in disguise xoxoxo hope it works

What do boys want to have from Selena Gomez?

Most of the boys that i know say that "she is so dame hot" but i just think she's pretty that's all!!!! I'm just expressing my opinion ;)

Do boys just want girls with body?


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