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Yes! Put it this way, if he didn"t like you he wouldn"t even bother doing any staring, smiling or otherwise. He sounds shy. Good luck

2006-09-04 02:22:07
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This girl at work has been staring at me since day one I now started smiling and she smiles too She waited for me on break as well She is literally ALWAYS staring Is she into me?

From what you stated it definitely sounds like she is interested in you.

What does it mean if a girl always smiles when she looks at you and always tries to have a conversation with you?

if she always trys to make conversation with you it means that she really likes you so therefore wants to talk to you and if she smiles it means she's happy to be with you

What does it mean when a girl is staring at you and you look at her and she smiles at you?

She probably likes you. Smile back.

What are sure signs that a guy you hardly know likes you and he is always staring and smiles at you occasionally?

He goes behind your back and tells his mates he's shagged you, even though he hasn't.

What does it mean when you're sitting across the room from a guy and when you catch him staring at you he holds your gaze for about ten seconds and smiles slightly?

that means he likes or because your staring at him.

What does it mean if a girl always smiles while talking to you?

She could like you, or feel really comfortable around you.

What do you look for to tell if a girl likes you?

If there Around you wen they can be, you notice them staring at you, and she smiles alOt when your near her

What does it mean if a guy in your class always stares at you and smiles and when you turn around to talk to your friend you catch him staring at you?

It sounds like he finds you attractive and is interested in him. If you like him, smile back and see where it goes from there.

What does it mean when a boy always hangs out with your friend and when you see him he looks at you with a dreamy look and he sometimes smiles at you?

He really likes you.

Does Taylor Swift ever smile?

yes barley but she smiles just joking.of course she smiles!havn't you seen her pics?she always smiles.

Which cat is always smiling?

The cat that always smiles is the Chesire Cat.

Which cat always smiles?

A Cheshire cat.

Why does Gin on Bleach always smiles?


What actors and actresses appeared in Smile and the World Smiles with You - 2005?

The cast of Smile and the World Smiles with You - 2005 includes: Rick Gern as himself Jonas Silverstein as himself

I keep staring at this girl and she ends up smiling what does it mean does she like me?

If you keep staring at a girl and she smiles at you it usually means that there is a mutual attraction. To find out if she likes you, ask her if she would like to go out on a date.

Do Clyde and rani kiss?

no but in series 3 she kisses him on is cheek and he smiles to himself. they always have fancied each other ever since she moved to Bannerman road.

If a guy goes to your church and hes smiles and staring at u then in bible study he stares at you smiles more always makes sure ur ok makes u laugh flirts but he has a gf does he like you?

yes of course he likes you. but since he has a girlfriend i would stay away from him. guys flirt with any pretty girl,its their nature.

What does it mean when a girl smiles at a guy whom was staring at her and then he looks straight down to the ground?

He's probably shy. he was staring at you cause your pretty, or you probably had something embarrassing on you... but im sure it means that he likes you. it happens

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'Always Smiles'?

meangadh i gcónaí always smiling

Does a girl like you if she asks you to the school dance and always smiles when your around?

No she hates your guts, she cant stand you. This is why she smiles.

Is a guy that texts you sometimes but doesn't always reply and smiles at you interested in you?

Not really but maybe in your case it does yu should take it slow and see what happens

What is it mean when a guy is always looking and staring at you but never talk he always looks and stares but never talks or smiles and when i look at him he drops his head quick or looks away quick?

i think it may be that he/she may like u..... well that happens to me so go ask them why they do that.... i know they like u....

What does it mean if a girl wont stop staring at you?

She probably likes you. If you catch her, smile at her and if she smiles back she likes you especially if it's in a coy way.

Why would a guy smile at you constantly like when you start to talk he smiles or you smile he smiles or you giggle he smiles really big and not move except to hug you back when you hug him?

Well, when that happens, it usually means that he is liking you. That is a good sighn, but at first you may be creeped out. You can always tell them you dont feel compterable, and they should understand.

If your boyfriend always stares at you and smiles is it love?

No, he is undressing you with his eyes.