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Yes, it has a 60/40 folding reat seat.

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Q: Does a honda civic 2000 have fold down back seats?
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How many seats does a Honda civic wagovan have?

This car has buckets in front, bench in back and seats a total of 5 persons.

Where is the radio antenna on a 2000 Honda Civic LX?

on back glass

Do the back seats fold flat in a 2005 Honda Civic?

not completely flat, but they do fold down

Does the 2000 Honda civic dx hatchback have a back seat?

Yes, it has a back seat.

How do you remove the passenger's side door panel from a 2000 Honda Civic Si?

take the door apart then put it back on that's what i did to my metallic blue 2000 Honda civic with yellow flames on the side

Does a 2006 Honda Civic cat back exhaust fit a 2004 Honda Civic?


Will a bicycle fit in the back of a 2008 Honda Civic Coupe with the rear seats folded down?

Yes it will fit with room to spare for a rucksack

Where is my Honda Civic water tank?

in your back yard??

Do you have to remove the back seats to get the plastic cover off and then you get to the rear speakers on a 2001 Honda civic?

You don't have to remove it, but just unclip the rear seats so they could fold down. Gives you more room to work. That's what I did when I did my rear speakers in my 01 civic.

Diagram of a 1981 Honda Civic hatch back?

i have a 1985 Honda civic and the valves need adjusting with a filler gage but i do not no what to set them on


The same parts and systems can be used to repair the exhaust on both a 2001 Honda Civic LX and 2001 Honda Civic EX. Both versions of the Honda Civic require a cat-back system.

What SUVs have the most spacious back seats?

Honda pilot

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