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Cobras are snakes, which are reptiles. All reptiles have scales, so, king cobras have dry, scaly skin.

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Do killer whales have scales?

No. Orcas have smooth, rubbery skin.

Is shark skin soft and smooth?

Shark skin is not soft and smooth as they it is covered in specialized scales. These scales are called placoid scales or dermal denticles.

Are dolphins covered in scales?

No. They have a thick, smooth, rubbery skin.

What defines an amphibian?

They are animals with smooth skin and no scales.

How often does a King Cobra shed its skin?

Making purses with king cobra leather would be wonderful.

Do amphibians have dry skin and scales?

No, amphibians typically have moist, smooth skin.

How does the frog differ from reptiles?

Frogs have smooth skin but reptiles have scales.

Do dinosaurs have scales or smooth skin?

Some had scales, but more and more dinosaur fossils are being found with feathers.

Do all reptiles have wet smooth skin?

No. Reptiles are covered in scales and are not naturally wet.

What kind of texture is a fishes skin?

it feels kind of smooth and slimy, but they have scales

Do amphibian have hard scales?

Amphibians do not have hard scales. Their skin is smooth. It is covered in a thin layer of mucus to keep it moist.

Do elephants have scaly skin?

No because they don't have scales, their hide or skin would be considered tough or rough or smooth. Only reptiles have scales. Tell me if I'm wrong.

How does a king cobra keep from drying out?

A king cobra keeps from drying out by shedding its skin. King cobra shed their skins 4-6 times per year for adults, and every month for juveniles.

What is the skin of a reptile like?

It's covered with scales...not that smooth...pretty rough actually

How can you tell a reptile from an amphibians?

reptiles have scales while amphibians have what is called smooth skin.

Does a mammal have smooth skin with no scales?

Mammals have smooth skin, though sometimes it is covered with hair or fur. All mammals have either hair or fur, including humans.

Why do humans hunt the king cobra?

humans hunt king cobra for skin , for vaccines in labs. and also due to few religious orthodox that they are god.

What are green sea turtles scales like?

The scales of the Green Sea Turtle on the skin (as like all reptiles) are large, brown and smooth.

Do reptiles have bumpy skin?

Yes. Many reptiles are covered by smooth scales that have a ridged feel.

Why does a king cobra shed their skin?

As the snake grows its skin can not grow with it so it sheds its skin periodically (as do all snakes).

How does a king cobra grow and change?

During certain seasons the cobra will molt and change a new skin. Thats all!

Why do fish have scales or smooth skin?

because it helps them swim faster through the water if a predator is chasing them.

Do lizards have skin or scales?

Lizards have scales, which are a specialized type of skin.

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