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the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

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The cobra is a god or a goddess, a cobra didn't have really a role. Most people feared the cobra and thought of them as a sign of evil from the underworld

its gang related its gang related its not gang related its for her crew Star Trek, they are a crew not a gang.

In thinking of this as a characteristic of a person, glasses symbolize a sign of one being very smart.

Ohm's are a measure of resistance.

Yes. For Some reason it stands for Northside.

Evil Skull Gang Pomona or aka ESGP

The Northsiders and the southsiders (Nortenos and surenos...

It is the symbol for the zodiac sign of Cancer.

No, Rufus King did not sign the Declaration of Independence. However, Rufus King of Massachusetts did sign the Constitution.

The Leo astrological sign symbolizes the lion and the sun

it symbolizes terror and a sign of evil

its just a sign for the 3's (thats a gang in atlanta) it doesnt mean anything

A gang sign can look like anything but usually the leader of a gang would choose and the sign would most likely look like something he/she likes or a letter in their name or maybe something to do with the name of their gang, for example, in a movie there was a gang called the blackbirds and some of the members had a B belt or a blackbird tattoo. Something like that.

If you're not in a gang then I wouldn't recommend you throwing up gang signs, because a lot of people have been killed for throwing up the wrong hand sign in the wrong neighborhod. Gang members take these handsigns seriously and will not tolerate anyone disrespecting them in any way shape or form.

It symbolizes freedom or good luck for some people.

i think it means a sign that something is being looked after

In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux.

lil wayne is still in the blood gang, the ymcmb clothing is all red just like the blood gang clour and if you look in the mirror music video lil wayne makes a symbol and that is not any ordinary sign that is the blood sign and also ymcmb is the blood gang they are acutally a set which is what different parts of the blood gang call themselves

king John was forced to sign the magna carta.

I think he was a blood he would throw up gang signs in his videos but would flash the b sign the most

the rat is a sign off gud luck to the japanise

The skull and crossbone are the sign of pitates , or sea robbers.

Do you mean is the Latin King sign is shown by 5 points yes L.K tatoo: 5 point start, 5point Crown, 5 point crown with a lion or a pitchfork "folk" facing down !

he sign it with his royal seal

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