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a moose is a mammal and most mammals have internal organs

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Q: Does a moose have external or internal reproduction?
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Do moose use internal or external reproduction?

As a mammal moose have internal reproduction

What is the difference between internal and external reproduction?

its internal and then its external. DEERRR

Is the reproduction of a puma external or internal?


What is the other type of reproduction besides external?

Internal reproduction

Does a moose have internal or external organs?

Obviously external. The main identifying factor of moose is it's protruding kidneys.

Is a reproduction of a fish external or internal?


Is a fish reproduction internal or external?


What is internal and external reproduction?

internal is traditional reproduction, like humans. where external is where the eggs are laid and sperm would be "sprayed" over them. some fish do this.

What type of reproduction is external and internal?

Intercourse and conception.

Is a polarbear external or internal reproduction?

polar bears are internal because they are mammals and all mammals are internal.

Does housefly have internal or external fertilization?

No external fertilization is not present in the common house fly. House flies reproduce via sexual reproduction and internal fertilization.

Most terrestrial arthropods reproduce by what reproduction?

external sexual