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He might, but it wouldn't be because of his narcisism. The true narcissist cares about his partner's feelings only to the extent that they reflect on him. The old joke is apt. "But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"


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No, a narcissist will swindle or manipulate ANYONE that will believe their lies. If you have something a narcissist wants, he will find a way to get it from you. narcissists and psychopaths prey on: the too trusting other narcissists and naive people in general that refuse to believe that there are people out there that enjoy hurting others.

Yes they do because that's when they feel good. They need someone to bully because they don't know how to deal with negative situations that occur in their lives. They enjoy hurting the partner because it makes them feel big...even for a moment.

No, it is not normal to enjoy hurting your own body. Anyone who does this should seek medical attention.

Yes they will when they want to use you for their own purposes and then later you will be devalued again ,this time with much more disrespect because they will find you weak....And they enjoy hurting people...

A narcissist is a person who has an excessive love of him or her self, based on ego or false self image. They are charicterized by ovebearing vanity, selfishness, and derogitory thinking toward everyone else. As for sex, they probably enjoy it as much as anyone does.

The most painful part is breaking up or breaking someone hart ! or remembering like a past boyfriend :) xx

Girls enjoy hurting other girls, sometimes to get even or to get revenge. Some just do it for the heck of it. And there are soem girls who are upset with their own lives and decide to take it out on everyone else.

Because they feel it as a release, like hurting themselves is the only way they can feel or have any control over themselves.

I think very rarely. You can enjoy watching your partner enjoy it but it takes skills and and most women find it uncomfortable.

It depends on what loss of control is at stake but whatever it is, the partner will eventually be devalued. It's all about him being in CONTROL. If he's a somatic narcissist and his sex domination worked in the beginning he may initially enjoy the reverse happening, however this won't last as he realises the loss of HIS sexual control. He will be on the lookout for a more attractive, sexually submissive woman who will bring him primary narcissistic supply and maintain the sexual omnipotence he desires. In terms of the cerebral narcissist, if the partner is older, he may find alternative supply in a younger, equally intelligent woman who will admire HIM for his knowledge. The partner will also end up being devalued in this process. She will be portrayed as too controlling, too pushy, too forward, too absorbed, - 'crazy' at times. My experience with the somatic narcissist is that they never hang around long enough with the same partner, or get close enough to allow their loss of control to occur. They keep you 'dangling'.They are ALWAYS on the look out for primary supply. Their commitment to the primary relationship is fleeting and as time progresses they become bored with the once idealised partner. When she realises she is being 'used' and asserts any control, the narcissist retreats and labels her as tiresome and demanding. The 'novelty' of the idealised woman doesnt take long to wear off.

no i myself see and talk to them and i concider it a blessing :) if you are seeing them just relax and enjoy it.

Post stuff people like and enjoy seeing

Some enjoy having it put there and on the other hand some don't. Yes ask your partner

yes it is very enjoyable. the smaller the better.

They will continue to hurt and deceive others. They mostly will not seek treatment because they enjoy what they are doing so much.

Losers who enjoy seeing the destruction of Warcraft 3.

Maybe because people enjoy seeing unique things but freak shows are quite offensive because sometimes they put deformed people in it and like make fun of them not knowing there hurting someones feelings so i dont really fancy them.

They enjoy it as much as men if their partner knows what he's doing.

As long as you are not hurting anyone, I would say don't stop. Enjoy it. Its a great fetish to have and love.

if you unlock the china level you will enjoy seeing them there!

Absolutely beautiful ones! You will enjoy seeing them, just don't touch.

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