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Oil will float in water, so the water weighs more.

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Q: Does a quart of oil or a quart of water weigh more?
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Does water weigh more than oil?

Yes, Water weighs more than Oil as Oil floats on water.

How much does a quart of aviation oil weigh?


Is honey denser then oil and water?

yes because honey has more mass then water and oil, it also weigh more then water and oil

How much does 1 quart if oil weigh?

7 lbs

How many grams make up a quart?

The volume of 1 US quart is 946.3529472 milliliters. Only for pure water we can say: 946.3529472 milliliters weigh 946.3529472 grams. Forget syrup or oil. That weighs more.

What weigh more oil or water?

Water weighs more because it has a higher density than oil hence the fact that oil will float on the top of water.

How much does a quart of oil weigh?

weight of oiloil weighs 7.5 lbs per gallon or 1.875 pounds per quart.

How much does 15w40 m0tor oil weigh?

One quart of oil = 1.88 pounds The viscosity of the oil has no bearing on actual weight.

Why does water weigh more than cooking oil?

It dosent, waters density is lower then cooking oil, resulting in cooking oil floating on water

How much does a quart of motor oil weigh?

One quart of Mobil Special 10W-40 motor oil weighs 1.8 pounds. Not all motor oils have the same density, and one gallon of motor oil will weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.

One quart of oil pollutes how much drinking water?

Water is generally considered polluted by oil once the oil concentration exceeds 10mg/L. All considerations of oil density minimized, this is about 1 quart per 25,000 gallons of water

Does cooking oil and water weigh the same?

no! oil is lighter.

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