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Does a recently convicted felon still have rights to his children?


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Youll have to be more specific. What 'rights' you are referring to? What are the ages of the children? Who has primary custody of them while you are (presumably) in prison?

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they can if they dont get caught

He doesn't. If he's a convicted felon it probably means he is a colored man and therefore has no rights to anything.

If you are convicted FEDERAL felon, you can't. If you are convicted state felon, and you qualify you can make application for exopungement. See below link:

If you are convicted felon, there is no such pardon.

If you are a federally convicted felon - no. If you are a state convicted felon you wil lhave to research the expungement law for your state.

No, a convicted felon loses his rights to vote, hold office, own a fire arm and consort with other convicted felons.

In Missouri can a convicted felon apply for a liquor permit?

It depends on what the felon was convicted for. If it was for some sort of violence, sexual abuse or child abuse, they frown upon it. Why do you want to work with children?

A convicted felon cannot own a gun anywhere in the U.S. unless the felon's gun rights have been restored.

A convicted felon can not legally purchase or own a firearm . Unless the felon's rights have been restored.

You would have to question the Fish & Game Commission to determine whether they issue hunting licenses to convicted felons, or not. A convicted felon would NOT be able to hunt with a firearm, as it is unlawful for a convicted felon to own or be in possession of firearms.

Yes. Civil rights can be restored by the US Attorney.

No, I don't think convicted felons have voting rights anywhere in the U.S.

No. A convicted felon cannot hold a shotgun in ANY state. If they have gone thru the process for restoration of rights, and the conviction was for a STATE crime, they could. Federal crime- no restoration of rights possible.

A convicted felon can hunt in the state of Alabama. However, a convicted felon can not own or use a firearm.

can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech

A convicted felon must go to court to give his civil right back in Missouri. This is done by having their record cleared of the crimes.

A convicted felon can not own, possess, or carry a firearm. If possible, a set-aside or expungement should be explored with a competent attorney to have the firearms rights restored.

This is a question you need to discuss with a lawyer.

Have your record expunged or the conviction overturned.

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