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Does a seagull eat a seal?


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no of course it doesn't

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A seagull has no natural predator. Especially not seals.

a seagull is a strict predator eating meat

Adult seagulls can eat 20% of their body weight daily, which means a 2 pound seagull can eat 6.4 ounces of food every day.

The seagull eats a varied diet of fish and other ocean foods. The seagull will eat any fish that it is able to catch.

a seagull isn't a predator... if any animal is dead a seagull would pick at it.. its a scavenger..

Yes a seal does eat fish.

a seagull eats small fishes and crabs because he lives near sea. They also eat bread.mostly what you have when you are on the beach... but otherwise, clams, muscles, and fish

it eat fod taht drpopped like pizza,chips,bread

Ducks pecatus dors rabits crayons

Yes. They are extremely yummy if prepared right.

it depends on the seal but some eat krill. The leopard seal dose not eat krill and eats fish and other seals

The Seagull cant live in the desert because of the heat and also they need a ocean so they can eat the fish

The harbor seal will eat most fish, they love to eat salmon

Seal eat Squid, fish, penguins, and some eat other seals.

it would take a hawk, a flacon or a harrier.

sharks and other large species of fish

Yes, people do eat seal but only in foren countries

Gulls are scavengers, and will eat anything edible. The term is "gull", not "seagull".

How much fish can a seal eat in one day? We are still working on "how much fish can seal eat in one day?"

well only if the seagull finds a dead human on the ground or something and just starts eating the skin and gross stuff liek that

yes they do, i found out the hard way, today

Alcazeltzer in bread. Or put it in anything they like to eat.

"Seagull" is the correct spelling of "seagull".

a Weddell seal can eat fish, Krill and other small marine mammals

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