Gulls (Seagulls)

Gulls are birds commonly found around oceans, lakes, and garbage dumps. Also known collectively as "Seagulls," there are 45 species in the family. Buoyant flyers, and very noisy birds, making a variety of squawks and laugh like sounds.

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Orcas (killer whales)
Gulls (Seagulls)

Do Orcas eat seagulls?

Yes they do often eat seagulls. In fact the whales can vomit up the fish they have swallowed so that the regurgitation may float on the water and attract a seagull - the whale then rises from under the water and chomps its jaws on the gull to take it down into the water where the whale will drown the gull before it is swallowed.

Seabirds and Shorebirds
Gulls (Seagulls)

What do you feed baby seagull?

Regurgitated fish.

Gulls (Seagulls)

How long does the average seagull live for?

I'm not sure but definantley not as long as 100 years.

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Gulls (Seagulls)

How do you get a seagull egg in Kingdom Hearts?

When you need to get the seagull egg, you can find it on top of one of the trees. You go to where you normally would verse riku for a fight (sword fight not the race) where Tidus should be now.( I'm pretty sure) Go across the bride and you will see 3 or 2 trees. There should be a tall slim one and a fat one a little shorter than the tall one. climb up the tall one and jump onto the short one. there should be a egg there.

Gulls (Seagulls)

What do call a female seagull?

A female seagull is called a hen

Gulls (Seagulls)

What is the fear of seagulls called?


Finding Nemo
Gulls (Seagulls)

What is the name of The shark in Finding Nemo?

There are three sharks in Finding Nemo. Their names are: * Bruce - the Great White shark and leader of the trio of sharks * Anchor - the Hammerhead Shark * Chum - the Mako Shark

Gulls (Seagulls)

How long can seagulls hold their breath?

15 min

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Gulls (Seagulls)

Symbolism of seagull?

In general, the seagull represents personal freedom, an ideal every character wants but cannot have, due to life circumstances or the actions of other characters. "The Seagull"by Anton Chekov


Seagull represents a Carefree Attitude, Versatility, Freedom

Gulls (Seagulls)

Why do you think seagulls can't perch on trees?

The lighter side.

Why seagulls cant perch on trees, Well I've never seen a tree growing in the middle of an ocean.

Gulls (Seagulls)

How are emus bones different from a seagulls bones?

An emu's bones are solid and adapted for long periods of running and walking. A seagull's bones are light and hollow so they can fly easily.

Gulls (Seagulls)

Do crabs eat seagulls?

No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs.No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs.

Gulls (Seagulls)

What is a symbiotic relationship between seagull and turtle?

The relationship between the Sea Gulls and turtle is the predator and the prey relationship as a seagull eats the turtle's eggs and youngs

Gulls (Seagulls)

Why Is The Ivory Gull Endangered?

Although not a common species, the ivory gull is listed as "Near Threatened", not endangered, by the IUCN.

Gulls (Seagulls)

How many legs does a sea gull have?

All birds, including the sea gull, have two legs.

Gulls (Seagulls)

What does a gull eat?

It depends on the species, some are highly specialised and eat only crustaceans or fish, at the other extreme, most of the common species seen around human habitation are total omnivores, eating almost anything edible.

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Gulls (Seagulls)

What are the male seagulls called?


Gulls (Seagulls)

How far can a seagull fly in one day?

A seagull making good use of the wind may fly more than 1,000 kilometres in one day.

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Gulls (Seagulls)

Why cant seagulls fart?

they do

I can find no published study or even an oblique reference to the myth that suggests they might not! Seagulls, and birds in general, have a single opening called the cloaca, which serves for removing both the waste products of the kidneys and the intestines. This has a muscular sphincter to hold it closed, much like the anus. The bird's digestive tract, though shorter than ours, still contains bacteria and these bacteria will produce gas. When the gas pressure exceeds the elastic strength of the cloaca sphincter, the result must inevitably be a fart. Possibly the reason seagulls might have acquired a reputation for never farting is that when a seagull poops in mid-air the person below suffers the immediate consequences. But with a mid-air fart, who's to know ?

Gulls (Seagulls)

Does a seagull have a backbone?

dose a seagull have a backbone

Seabirds and Shorebirds
Gulls (Seagulls)

What does seagulls eat?

Seagulls eat fish

Seabirds and Shorebirds
Gulls (Seagulls)

Why dom seagulls have a large wingspan?

Seagulls have large wingspans for the same reasons that gliders do. Long and slender (high aspect ratio) wings produce less drag for a given amount of lift (at least at slow speeds) than short, stubby ones. Seagulls use these efficient wings to allow them to stay aloft with ease while taking advantage of updrafts caused by winds deflected by cliffs, buildings, even waves. In windy conditions, seagulls can use waves to stay aloft by engaging in what is known as "dynamic soaring" - flying into and out of regions of higher and lower wind speeds.

Gulls (Seagulls)

What is a baby seagull called?

As far as I am aware a young Seagull is just called a chick

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Gulls (Seagulls)

Why would a 95 Chevy Cavalier with a 2.2 engine make a very loud tapping sound?

I have the same motor in my 95 cav. it does it, i think its a lifter, but my aunt bought a 2004 cav. it started tapping at 24,000 miles. mine has over 175,000 on it. sorry i couldn't be of more help. Tim


I also have a 95 Cavalier with a 2.2, and the car has made a disturbingly loud tapping since I bought it 3 months ago. Last week, the tapping became louder and constant, and about 10 miles later, it stripped the timing gear. The mechanic said that I had a sticking valve, and that 2 pistons had not been firing for some time (I'm sort of upset with the shop that performed a tune up 2 weeks ago, You'd THINK they'd have noticed!). You might want to get it checked out. Oh, it DID last for 240K miles. Steve

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Gulls (Seagulls)

Who are the main characters of Jonathan livingston seagull?

Jonathan, Sullivan, and Fletch.


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