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Q: Does a shingle oak tree bear acorns?
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Does an oak tree bear fruit?

No it does not EDIT: Actually, yes it does. The oak tree's fruit come sin the form of acorns.

Are acorns tree nuts?

Acorns are the seed of the oak tree.

What tree do acorns come from?

Acorns are the fruit of an oak tree.

What is the name of the tree that makes acorns?

An Oak treeAcorns come from oak trees.

Do all live oak trees bear acorns?

Yes at some stage of their life they will produce acorns. Each tree has male and female flowers.

What kind of tree has acorns?

oak trees have acorns

Which tree does acorns grow on?

Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree.

What does oak tree give?

Oak tree seeds are called acorns

Do oak tree produce seed?

yes or no oak trees produce seeds Acorns are the seed of the oak tree.

What do acorns do to help an oak tree to survive?

Acorns are the seed of the Oak, so they ensure continuance.

Which tree produces acorns?

oak tree

On which tree do acorns grow?

oak tree

Can poison oak grow from acorns?

No. Poison oak is not a tree, but a vine. Oak trees grow from acorns.

Are acorns and chestnuts the same?

No. Acorns are the seeds from an oak tree. Chestnuts refer to either the tree itself, or seeds from the chestnut tree.

How often do oak trees bare acorns?

Oak trees, when mature should bear acorns every year, except in exceptional circumstances.

What tree would you find acorns on?

Oak tree.

What is a large tree that bears acorns?

The Oak tree.

What Do acorns eat?

Acorns are the seed of the Oak tree and therefore they do not eat.

Why do oak trees have different amounts of acorns yearly?

Acorns are the fru it of an oak tree. The number of acorns depends on several factors. The number of flowers the tree produces, the number of flowers that are pollinated, the health of the tree, and the age of the tree would all have an affect on the number of acorns produced.

Does a oak tree have acorns?


What is the name of the tree that has acorns?


What does a oak tree reproduce?

An oak tree produces acorns and they germinate so that way the tree reproduces.

What tree has acorns?

All Oak trees have acorns. Acorns fall during the fall season.

What kind of oak trees grow acorns?

All oaks. Those are the seeds of the oak tree. No acorns, no oaks.

Do oak trees produce acorns every year?

Oak trees do not produce acorns every year. An oak tree might produce acorns every 3 to 5 years, but not on a regular basis.