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You have to sue your parents in court to gain emancipation.

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Can a sixteen year old legally move out in the state of ak?

Only if the sixteen year old is emancipated.

Is a 16 year old automatically emancipated if they get parental permission to marry?

Once you are married you are emancipated not when you get the permission.

Can 16 year old leave home without permission?

Not legally. They have to have parental permission or be emancipated.

Can a sixteen year old move out at sixteen in Kentucky?

No, a sixteen year old can not legally move out on their own in Kentucky. Unless the sixteen year old is married or has parental permission they have to live with the parent until they are 18.

Can a sixteen year old legally move in with another adult without parental permission?

No. At 16 your parents (as long as they have custody and you have not been emancipated in some manner) get to decide where you live.

Can a 16-year-old girl get emancipated and live with her 22-year-old boyfriend if she has parental permission in Oklahoma?

At 16, you need parental permission anyways just to be emancipated. But with parental permission, I think she can live with her boyfriend. The only problem would be that she's a minor and he's not, but I think she is much less a minor when emancipated.

If a sixteen year old gets emancipated can she move in with her nineteen year old boyfriend?

{| |- | If she gets emancipated, she can do what she wants. Her parents are no longer responsible for her or her debts and well being. She is on her own. |}

Can a 17 year old male get emancipated in Illinois?

Sure, if you get your parents permission

How can a 16 year old get emancipated without a parents permission?

It will depend on the laws in your state or location. You do not need parental permission to get emancipated, but you must meet the other requirements.

Can a sixteen year old drop out of high school without a parents permission?

Yes. If you fill out the proper paperwork, you can become what is called an emancipated teen. Check your local/state laws for info on this.

Can a 16-year-old move out legally emancipated in Arizona?

if they have been legally emancipated by the court or through marriage, yes. Otherwise they can only move out with parental permission but will not be emancipated then.

What are the requirements for a 16 year old to move out?

They must be emancipated before they can more out. Or have their parents' permission.

Can a 17-year-old move out in Louisiana?

They can if they have parental consent or if they've been emancipated. Only if your parents give you permission or you've been emancipated.

How can a 16 year old female get emancipated in Oklahoma?

A 16 year old female does not need parental permission to get emancipated in the state of Oklahoma. The minor will have to hire their own attorney and have a judge grant the emancipation.

Can an eighteen year old marry a sixteen year old and get in trouble?

Only if they lied to get the marriage license. The 16 year old will require parental permission to get married. In a few states, the 18 year old will also need permission.

Does a sixteen year old have to have a really good excuse to get emancipated?

not unless their parents beat them or neglect them or something like that

Can a 17 year old move away?

Nope, not unless you have parents permission or get emancipated through the court.

Can a 17 year old move out of state without parents permission?

Not in the United States unless you get emancipated

Can a 17-year-old get emancipated without parents permission in Colorado?

Yes, a 17 year old can file to be emancipated without parental consent. The minor must prove understanding of emancipation and that they can support themselves.

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