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Does a speeding ticket in Wisconsin effect your driving record in Missouri?


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It shouldn't matter. I'm from WI and got a ticket in LA, and it didn't affect my insurance or points. WI has deals with MN and IL i think, but not MO, so you should be fine....just pay it.


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The points are assessed against your license all the same. Doesn't matter if you were in a CMV or not.

"No butt you need to pay off the speeding ticket." "That is a complete lie. If you obtain a copy of your driving abstract from the department of motor vehicles, it will show the violation on your record. Also, one conviction from an out of state ticket will cause your license to be suspended in Illinois." Untrue, All but 4 states are part of the DLC (the drivers license compact) which means that they are required by the compact to report traffic infractions back to the home state where the driver is registered. Since Wisconsin is not part of the pact, your ticket only counts towards their point system and has no bearing on your Illinois driving record. "Actually, that's a little reversed. Wisconsin is NOT a part of the DLC, that is correct, but Illinois IS, and it is Illinois' right to get the info. from other states. If you were a WI resident, getting a ticket in Illinois, WI would not seek the information on your ticket."

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New York does report speeding tickets to Ontario and it will show on your driving record for points and insurance increase. Often a New York traffic attorney can get the ticket reduced depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction.

When you get a speeding ticket, generally, points are added to your license. So yes, a speeding ticket that is out of state, will still effect your license.

Yes, a speeding ticket in VA will effect your PA license. The state will share your ticket with the DMV. It is up to the state on whether to penalize you for the ticket.

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No. If you're driving fast enough to cause a noticeable Doppler shift in the apparent color of the traffic lights, then you have several speeding tickets coming for sure, no questions asked.

You can lose your job if you get caught twice, including with a car. You'll find it hard to get back into the business too, because you're not going to have a clean driving record.

Yes it will. The points system is affected nationwide and thus, regardless of where you go, unless the jurisdiction prevents out-of-state points to affect the driver's license (which Kentucky does not), it will affect your driving record as well as your insurance points.

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Your driving record is still your driving record regardless of what you were driving when you got the ticket.

You should contact the county attorney's office in the county where you received the ticket and explain your situtation. They may be able to suggest a solution to your problem.

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