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Tin is a type of metal. Metal absorbs heat faster than plastic. Thos can be proven if u take a metal spoon and a plastic spoon into the sun. The metal one heats up faster. This is the same for everything else including pans..... hope this helped... XD


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Water gets freeze in a can rather than plastic container because plastic sis a non conductor of heat and chillness.

Tin pan, because it conducts heat better than a plastic pan.

Black plastic because black absorbs heat more than any other color, which means it will take in the heat faster.

No. Land cools faster than water.

The land cools faster than water.

Milk will heat up faster.

A muddy water heat up faster than a clear water because of the presences of impurities in the muddy water and their specific heat capacity differences.

glass collects more heat than plastic so yes an icecube can melt more faster on glass than on plastic

land heats faster than water because it has lower specific heat capacity

no, specific heat will always be 4.16

because it has more heat so both of them can absorb heat. Thanks!

Water heats faster than soil

Land heats and cools faster than water.

it is a greater conducter of heat than styrofoam

sand heats faster because it absorbs heat faster than water!!!!!!

oil, it has low specific heat than water, meaning that it's substance will heat up faster

An ice cube melts faster in water than in air due to the transfer of heat. Water can transfer heat to melt the ice quicker than the air can.

the plastic keeps any heat in but the glass conducts is so it can melt fster

Although glass is a decent insulator, plastic makes a better thermal insulator. Ice should therefore melt (absorb heat) faster in a glass container than in a plastic one.

Cold water robs the body of heat about 25 times faster than cold air does.

Styrofoam acts as an insulator, preventing heat from reaching the ice. Plastic allows more heat to pass through it than styrofoam does.

Water dissipates heat rapidly. Usually metals absorb heat more faster than the water, because of its atomic atructure. metels are the good conducters of heat than water. so it gets much hot than water.

As aluminum is conductor of heat, it also means that it loses heat faster. However, water is not a conductor of heat. Thus, aluminum loses heat faster

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