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No, they may have a key made. You are not going to hide it forever. They will eventually get the car. Couldn't have answered it better myself!

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Q: Does a tow truck have to be used to repossess a car?
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What size of truck will tow an exhibition trailer?

To tow an exhibition trailer, a large truck and hitch will be required. In a general sense, a medium duty truck is required. The best way to describe this is the average tow truck that is used to repossess or tow away standard vehicles.

Can tow truck drivers tow with car cover on the car?


What happens if you default on a car loan in California?

Two possible answers. One, you get to keep the car, and the lender has no rights to it, or two, a tow truck will repossess your car in the middle of the night. The answer is pretty easy.

Car towing a car?

tow truck

Is it legal for a tow truck driver to tow your car while you're still in the vehicle?

It is illegal for a tow truck to tow your car while someone still present in the vehicle.

Tow Truck for Sale?

form_title= Tow Truck for Sale form_header= Find a tow truck in your area. Have you ever operated a tow truck before?*= () Yes () No What size tow truck do you need?*= _ [50] What is your price range?*= _ [50] Do you want a new or used tow truck?*= () New () Used

What is the purpose of a tow truck?

A tow truck is used to pull a car that is incapacitated and is not able to be operated. Usually the car would be towed to a mechanic in order for repair. If it is irreparable it would be towed to a wrecking yard.

How do they reposses a car without keys?

a car can be hooked up to any tow truck using a chain. the chain will pull the car up onto te a flatbed tow truck. or can be hooked up to a regular tow truck hook

How do you tow a car legally?

With a tow truck and a license for towing =D

What if the car being repoed will not start?

Most likely, the repo man will hook the car to a tow truck or put it on a flatbed tow truck.

How do you use the word tow in a sentence?

I called a tow truck. She wanted to tow her second car.

How do you get a car out off a ditch?

With a tow truck

What type of car is tow mater?

1951 International Harvester tow truck

How much weight can a tow truck pull?

How much a tow truck can tow depends on the kind of tow truck or tow truck chassis is used. A few examples of types of tow trucks are boom, hook and chain, wheel lift, flatbed, and integrated.

Would a repo car be towed by not for hire tow truck?

Only if that tow truck was operated by the lienholder, and used exclusively for their purposes (e.g., a 'buy here pay here' car lot which towed only their own vehicles).

You call a tow truck to tow your car to the repair shop Which of these was provided by this transaction?


Is it legal for a tow truck driver to tow a car with the alarm set off?


What is another name for a car puller?

A tow truck.

A tow truck is an example of what?

a car being towed by

Who can pick up a towed car?

A Tow Truck.

Tow Truck?

form_title=Buy a Tow Truck form_header=Purchase a tow truck to haul vehicles that are unable to move under their own power. What size of tow truck is desired?=_ What type of vehicle will you be towing?=_ Would you prefer a new or a used tow truck?= () Yes () No What is price range you are willing to pay for tow truck?=_

Can a adjustable tow bar for car and truck bumper rated at 5000lbs be used to tow a 91 Chevy caprice from California to Mississippi?

Yes, easily!

Do you need a CDL to tow a car with a tow truck?

That depends on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the tow truck. If it's more than 26,000 lbs., then yes.

What does a recovery truck do?

A recovery truck(also know as 'tow truck')is basically a vehicle used to transport a disabled car, truck etc., from one location to another. They are used for clearing accident and collision debris...

How much do used tow trucks cost?

The cost of a used tow truck varies depending on the age of the truck and the mileage that the truck has been driven. can give you an idea of the cost.