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Most likely, the repo man will hook the car to a tow truck or put it on a flatbed tow truck.


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If you aren't paying for that car's payments then yes. The only reason why your car should be repoed it because the payments aren't being made on it. It doesnt matter if your car is from the 1940's or if you brought the car last month, the car can be repoed if you dont pay the payment for 2 or more months (consult dealership for it's repo rules).

Yes. If your car is being repoed, you should make it easy for yourself and cooperate with them.

No As far as finance company is concerned the car came with wheels, it has wheels on it when repoed. Done deal.

It should be pretty obvious that the employer of the tow truck driver is completely responsible.

Then tell the Repossession agents where it is and who has it.

1)he will take the car you left if that is the car to be repoed. 2)If you are traveling in the car to be repoed he will wait for you to return and repo it after you get back.

Your vcar can be repoed anytime your loan is in DEFAULT. Regardless of the cause for being in default.

another cars can not be moved with out owners ok.and yes they can get the car from your job.while your shoping, inside paying for gas

You don't. Stop being a snitch and mind your own business. You don't. Stop being a snitch and mind your own business.

Repossessed no. Confiscated yes.

Then you should pay your bills.

I missed my payment on my jeep and they repoed my other car. Can they do that

IF your vehicle is collateral for loan in DEFAULT, it CAN be repoed.

there is no reason for it to be on record, if you are a buyer

If your car was paid off, then why was it repoed? Or if you mean you paid it off after it was repoed, then if the loan company accepted your money,then they have to give you the car and title back. I would call them and get it back or your money back.

If my car is repoed and the car is not worth as much as I owe am I responsible to pay the differance?

CALL the LENDER who had it repoed. they know where it is.

If your car was repossessed, they will sue you for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the loan, plus repossession fees.

The co-signor IS liable for the debt if the car is repoed. The bank can get a judgment against the co-signor as well as the signor. They can garnishee wages and/or get leins against BOTH signors other property. Anything that has a prior lien on it will be subject to the PRIOR leins being satisfied first.

As long as the 450.00 is in DEFAULT, it can be repoed.

That depends on the terms set forth by your finance company.

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