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Yes, many universities offer both graduate and undergraduate courses. You may want to look into Bentley, one of the best business schools offering courses for undergraduates and graduates. The Bentley Porfolio 360 program for graduates offers each student a choice of subjects from over 190 courses and can accommodate your personal lifestyle as many of these courses are as evening courses on campus, or online.

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Universities offer undergraduate coursework as well as graduate course work. Typically, the difference between a college and university is that a college has a number of academic departments within the college. For example, the English department, business department, engineering department etc. A university is a collection of schools that fall under the university. For example, the school of engineering, school of allied health, school of business, etc.

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Q: Does a university only offer a graduate program as opposed to a college only offering an undergraduate program?
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Is a diploma in Medical Assisting considered a graduate degree or a undergraduate degree program?

If you have taken the program as an associate or bachelor's degree from a college or university, it is an undergraduate degree. The master's and doctorate are graduate degrees.

What does the college Clayton State University offer?

Clayton State University offers undergraduate studies as well as graduate studies at their campus. The college also offers distance learning courses.

Do you have to graduate from a university to be psychologist?

Yes, you must be a graduate of a college or university with advanced degrees.Yes, you must be a graduate of a college or university with advanced degrees.Yes, you must be a graduate of a college or university with advanced degrees.Yes, you must be a graduate of a college or university with advanced degrees.

What is a Wykehamist?

A Wykehamist is an undergraduate, graduate, or fellow of Winchester College.

What are the steps in college?

The steps in college begin with an undergraduate degree or the freshman through senior years of college. The graduate degrees follow the undergraduate degrees.

Did Obama go to community college?

No, President Obama attended Occidental College and transferred to Columbia University during his undergraduate studies. He did his graduate studies at Harvard Law School.

What is the difference between Emory College and Emory University?

Emory University is the all encompassing name for the undergraduate and graduate schools that make up Emory. That includes Emory College, Oxford College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Goizueta Business School, the Nell Hodgkins School of Nursing, the Medical School, the Law School, and the Candler School of Theology.Emory College is the undergraduate liberal arts college which most undergrads attend. You can also apply to either the Business School or Nursing School after your sophomore year and get your degree from either of those schools. Most undergraduate students graduate with a degree from Emory College.

Is Spencer Pratt a college graduate?

Spencer Pratt is a former reality television personality. In 2013 he received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California.

When transferring from a two year college to a university am i transferring as an undergraduate student?

Yes you are. The associate to bachelor degrees are undergraduate coursework. The master's and doctorate degrees are graduate coursework. Thus, if you are now pursuing your bachelor's degree, you would be transferring as an undergraduate student.

Where did author Carey A Moore go to college?

Carey A. Moore went to the University of California, Berkeley for his undergraduate studies and then pursued his graduate studies at Stanford University.

What online business classes are offered at the graduate level?

There are many online college programs available that will help you achieve your dreams of a graduate level education. One of the universities offering a graduate degree program in business is the University of Phoenix.

When was Hong Kong University Graduate Association College created?

Hong Kong University Graduate Association College was created in 2005.