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Does accupuncture work?


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June 06, 2011 7:32PM

Not really. Chi is a made up thing that doesn't really exist - i.e. it has never been measured or shown to exist. Meridians on which this imaginary Chi is supposed to flow are also imaginary. Apparently nobody actually bothered to look for them - they just imagined that they were there and claimed that as fact (like Chi).

It turns out that acupuncture has the same effectiveness no matter where you put the needles. Thus disproving the concept of aliments caused by blocked meridians and the flow of Chi.

It seems the bulk of the "results" from acupuncture are due to the placebo effect, but there may also be some minor effects caused by the irritation of sticking needles in someone... perhaps it simply distracts from the real irritation in the same way that hitting your thumb with a hammer makes you forget that your elbow was sore.