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yes. Active Transport does require cellular energy. Passive transport does not. (:


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Active transport requires energy.

active transport requires energy.

active transport requires energy

passive does not need energy and active requires energy to transport.

It is because active transport requires energy for it to work.

Active transport requires energy to move a molecule.

Passive transport--active transport requires energy.

Active transport requires energy while passive transport does not.

Active transport requires energy; passive transport does not.

active transport requires energy from the cell

Energy Most important but it also requires transport protienes

Active transport requires the use of energy to do; passive on the other hand does not require energy to do.

its name is due to the fact that active transport requires energy as opposed to passive transport when no energy is required.

Active transport requires energy, passive transport does not.

active transport -transport against concentration gradient that requires chemical energy passive transport- requires no energy at all

Active transport requires energy usually from a molecule called ATP. Passive transport require no energy.

Active transport requires energy in the form of ATP

Passive transport and active transport are transport of materials across membranes. Passive requires no energy, while active does.

Active transport requires the cell to expend energy.

it is active because it requires energy

active transport requirs energy; osmosis requires very little to no energy

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