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People that do fairs are all rather weird, they probly stare at everybody, but then again you never know! ;)

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Do guys ignore you when they like you and not talk to you but stare at you in class all the time?

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Do guys stare at girls breasts?

Yes. They all just love big boobs.

How do you know if she is cheating?

If she looks good and all of the man stare at her. or if she is ignoring you and talking about other guys alot

Why do guys stare at you?

Guys could stare for many reasons. You could look funny, they could just be admiring you, they could be looking at something your wearing, they could be looking at something behind you, you could have your butt crack hanging out. It could be a ton of things, it all depends on the reaction your getting. If they are laughing..something is up.guys stare becausethey like youthey think you look wierdthey are checking you outetc...

What are guys saying about you when they stare at you without smiling?

Probably that they like you. Guys are stupid when it comes to non-verbal communication (I'm a guy) and frankly, we would ALL just love it if a girl took the lead and walked up and said "Hi, you've been looking at me, fancy a coffee?" We'd probably drop to the floor and start kissing your feet. Most guys are really insecure and shy around girls.

Do women like to see guys chests?

Not all women fancy the sight of a chest. It varies from women to women.

What are the reasons for a girl to stare at a guy?

she likes him alot, he's got something on his face or in his teeth, something wrong with his hair, and/or his shirt is on backwards. im a gurl so i stare at guys all the time that's how i no.

Why do guys look at other guys penises?

Most "BOYS" start to COMPARE how they are "BUILT" sometime in High School...(Usually in Gym Class). Most don't "STARE" for fear that they will be called "QUEER"...but,ALL guys do it ! (IT'S NORMAL !!!)

Why does your cat stare at you?

Cats will stare at all kinds of things. This is their nature.

What is a sentence for the word stare?

i wanted to stare at the clouds all day.

In your class there are 3 guys who all stare at you and they are all cute and funny you do not know how to choose between them?

i say be a bit naughty and compare good points it doesn't matter about looks if they are jerks!!

He looks at you all the timedoes he fancy you?

its kind of simple really he probably does or maybe you have something on your face it also depends on wether its a long hard stare, evils, or just a quick glance xx

What is a sentence for to stare?

I am going to stare into this blank space, because I feel like it.He is only going to stare at you all day again.

What do guys think about when they stare at girls?

All people are different, so not all males will think about the same thing. Some guys may just be thinking/daydreaming in a girls general direction - others may be thinking about that girl (they like her hair/etc, they like her in general, etc). It all depends on the individual.

Will a guy look or stare at a girl and walk past her a few times just to check if she looks at him?

Yes, guys are known to do all sorts of dumb things to get a girl to notice him.

Why do guys stare at breasts?

Scientifically, It is because breasts are a sign that women can reproduce. It's a guy thing. I asked my guy friend why that happens all the time and he just said "that's just what guys do and for some reason, it's just appealing."

Do girls like it when guys stare at their butt?

Many girls feels like a piece of meat when guys do that and also when they stare at our breasts. It's very rude and not flattering to be reduced to a butt or a chest when you can actually come up and talk to someone you are interested in. Of course if all you really are interested in is my butt breasts I can not take that as a complimant because apparently my butt and breasts is the only interesting thing about me. I can not think of one guy that would find it flattering and who would not become embarrassed if I and other girls and women would stand and stare at your butt and package. You know how guys are, nudge nudge wink wink, point and stare, whisper and forming big breasts with your hands just to really show the guys how big they are. Yeah we could do the same! Not so flattering if you think about it.

What is a guiding principle for all judges?

A guiding principle for all judges is called: stare decisis. page 209 a) stare decisis

How can you tell that a boy has a crush on a girl?

Guys are all different... but mostly guys try to get the girls attention... they might try to poke you just to get in contact with you... they might just even stare at you randomly and not even blink (which is really creepy), but most of all if you think this guy likes you just ask and you'll get your answer... :)

How do you use stair and stare in a sentence?

The circular stair is so intriguing that I could stare at it all day.

What does it mean when guys stare at you?

well....... if the guy stares at you with a smile or a wink he probably likes you. ......if he is frowning or grunting he probably hates your guts or he is gay or something like that. .......know if the guy has no expression on his face he is probably a stocker and is stocking you. ....... come on girls and, or, guys, , it is all in the face.

If you get along with a boy does he fancy you?

Just because you get along with a boy doesn't mean he "fancies" you. It just means you too are alike in some ways. For instance, pretty much all my friends are guys but we are JUST FRIENDS. Nothing more! (though i do fancy some myself ;]

Why do guys stare at girls like they're in a daze?

Because it means they think your beautiful and they want you to tongue them then they lick you out then you toss him off then its time for oral and pubes or no pubes boys love it all

What is the movie takers about?

Its about like five guys who are bank robbers (Idris Elba, Chris Brown, Micheal Ealy, HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, Paul walker) who live a luxurious lifestyle funded by their robberies (they are very very fancy very fancy) and then another one gets of jail (T.I.) and he wants to rob an armored truck that is fool of money all the guys are tempted by the money but don't know the will run into Russian bad guys and detectives

Is it rude to stare at tattoos?

not at all that's why we get them

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