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alpha ketoglutarate is essentially a glutamate molecule that has been deaminated.

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Q: Does alpha keto glutarate have glutamine in it?
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Most of the carbon dioxide released during cellular respiration is released during which stage?

In anaerobic respiration CO2 is release in fermentation (in cytoplasm) but never during glycolysis. Also. It isnot formed during lactic acid fermentation. Only 2CO2 are formed per glucose molecule in fermentation.In aerobic respiration, total 6Co2 molecules are generated per glucose molecule. 2Co2 during transition reaction i.e. during oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate to acetyl CoA in mitochondrial matrix. And remaining 4Co2 are formed during Kreb's cycle. 2Co2 are released between the conversion of oxalosuccinate to alpha keto glutarate and other 2Co2 from oxidative decarboxylation of alpha keto glutarete to alpha keto glutarate.

How are keto acids synthesized?

Keto acids are synthesized by the reaction of amino acid and alpha ketoglutarate .

What alpha-keto acid produce when alanine undergoes transamination?


Does acid hydrolysis of alpha keto nitrile produce HCN?

no. it produced α-ketoacid

What is the dose of glutamine in a day?

What is the dose of glutamine in a day

What is l glutamine?

what deos l glutamine do for the body

What has the author Adam Terence Watson written?

Adam Terence Watson has written: 'Characterisation and expression of the glutamine synthetase gln-[alpha] gene of french bean'

How you get keto form from enol form?

This will only occur if the alpha carbon to the carbonyl group can be protonated. The keto form of acetone (for example), would be a -CH2COCH3. The alpha carbon has lost a hydrogen and is negatively charged, C2 is double bonded to the oxygen. Keto-enol tautomerization occurs to provide some resonance stablization by creating the enol form: CH2 = C(O-)CH3. The double bond forms between C1 and C2, which pushes the electrons to the oxygen.

What research has been done on glutamine?

Researchers continue to study glutamine's properties and effects.

Why lysine and threonin do not undergo transamination?

L-lysine does not participate in transamination. It is the exception to the general rule that the first step in catabolism of an amino acid is the removal of its alpha- amino group by transamination to form the respective alpha-keto acid

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