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Q: Does amoxicillin make you retain water?
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Do cucumbers make you retain water?


Can water make you fat?

yes if you retain it

Does potassium make you retain water?


Does popcorn make you retain water?

construction joints in water retaining structure?

Does sodium make you retain water?

it certainly does in a lot of people.

Does salt make you pee?

No. Salt makes you retain water.

Does cell tech make you fat?

no, it makes you retain water though.

Will taking 875mg of amoxicillin make me sick?

Unknown. You may have an allergy to amoxicillin.

What types of food make you retain water?

anything with high sodium content.

Do you retain more water if you drink more water?

No. Salt causes the body to retain water, not water.

Which food retain more water?

High sodium foods retain water

What helps plants retain water?


Can amoxicillin cause a bladder infection?

can amoxicillin cause water infections even if the amoxicillin is used to treat a different infection thats not related

Will amoxicillin make you fail a drug test?

No amoxicillin should not effect a drug test.yes

Does amoxicillin make you Drowsy?

No Amoxicillin should not make you drowsy. It can however make you light headed and dizzy... I know this cause I'm on Amoxicillin now and that's the only side effect I'm having.

Does amoxicillin make you tired?

yes, it can make you drowsy.

Will THC cause you to retain water?

yes THC wont cause you to retain water

Does tea make you retain water?

No, it's a diuretic and has the exact opposite effect.

Why do some antibiotics make you gain weight?

Yes, it makes u retain water.

Can amoxicillin make your period lighter?

yes it can

Is there is any structural or functional difference between amoxicillin and amoxicillin trihydrate?

No structural difference but only the water of hydration

Does salt make your body swell?

Yes, because salt helps your body retain water.

Why do water molecules retain heat energy?

Water molecules retain energy due to heat transfer.

How do plants retain water?

Plants have the ability to retain water because of a special structure called a cuticle.

Why does drinking alcohol cause your face to retain water?

Alcohol doesn't cause the body to retain water but to lose it.