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i'll try it tonight and tell you if it helps.

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Q: Does an enema help a stomach virus?
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Is it ok to get a enema when you have a stomach flu?

An enema won't cure a stomach flu. It will just have to run its course. However, if you are feeling nausea, taking an enema will relieve it by allowing the stomach contents to flow more easily into the intestines and out through your rectum as massive diarrhea. Not too pleasant ... but far less distressing than vomiting repeatedly.

Does vitamin water help you when you are sick?

It does if you have the flu or stomach virus.

Can you get a stomach virus in the summer?

Yes, you can get a stomach virus in the summer. You can get a stomach virus any time of the year.

Why am I vomiting?

Most likely the stomach virus

Does Enema Hurt?

No, in most cases an enema would not hurt if performed correctly. There can be some feelings of pressure in the stomach area but there should be no pain.

When you have a stomach virus what does your stomach produce to get rid of it?

Having a stomach virus does not mean that the virus is in the stomach. Few germs could live in the acid there. What stomach virus refers to is a virus infection in the entire body that happens to cause nausea and expulsion of the stomach's contents and also diarrhea in the intestines.

How do you get the stomach flu?

You get stomach flu from a virus.

Is the stomach virus related to genital herpes?

A stomach virus is not related to genital herpes.

Can humans catch a stomach virus from dogs?

A human can't catch a stomach virus from a dog

Does club soda help an upset stomach?

Yes, the carbonation can calm your nausea. Try to drink it in small sips to avoid vomiting if you have a stomach virus.

What do you have - headache and stomach sick?

If you have a fever it may be the stomach virus

How long can a stomach virus last?

It can last up to two weeks!! (thats only if you have a "lingering" stomach virus)

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Is it ok to get a enema when you have a stomach flu?

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