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i'll try it tonight and tell you if it helps.

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Is it ok to get a enema when you have a stomach flu?

An enema won't cure a stomach flu. It will just have to run its course. However, if you are feeling nausea, taking an enema will relieve it by allowing the stomach contents to flow more easily into the intestines and out through your rectum as massive diarrhea. Not too pleasant ... but far less distressing than vomiting repeatedly.

Does vitamin water help you when you are sick?

It does if you have the flu or stomach virus.

Can you get a stomach virus in the summer?

Yes, you can get a stomach virus in the summer. You can get a stomach virus any time of the year.

Does Enema Hurt?

No, in most cases an enema would not hurt if performed correctly. There can be some feelings of pressure in the stomach area but there should be no pain.

Is the stomach virus related to genital herpes?

A stomach virus is not related to genital herpes.

How do you get the stomach flu?

You get stomach flu from a virus.

Can humans catch a stomach virus from dogs?

A human can't catch a stomach virus from a dog

Does club soda help an upset stomach?

Yes, the carbonation can calm your nausea. Try to drink it in small sips to avoid vomiting if you have a stomach virus.

How long can a stomach virus last?

It can last up to two weeks!! (thats only if you have a "lingering" stomach virus)

Is there such a thing as a virus attacking a virus?

yes but no because they are competing againt whatever they are trying to get and not only that they need to stick together to help each other get rid of whatever...almost like a stomach virus or a cold or flu virus

Which symptoms differentiate the flu from a stomach virus?

It is often difficult to distinguish between the symptoms of the flu and a stomach virus. The flu is usually gone within a week while a stomach virus can be over the next day.

What are the types of enema?

Barium enema, and Fleet enema

What do you have - headache and stomach sick?

If you have a fever it may be the stomach virus

If your dog has the stomach virus is it contagious for dogs?

It depends on the virus. But the answer is most likely.

How do you get the stomach virus?

The stomach virus is spread through bacteria> You contract it by touching things that are contaminated with the virus. Then you touch your food, eyes, nose or mouth. The virus enters your body from there. Don't eat or drink after someone that is sick.

Is a stomach virus contagious?

not in most castes

What is the cure for a stomach virus?

it is what it is, there is no real cure for the stomach virus. If it is just a bug, you will be over it soon. If you thnk it's more than that visit the doctor.

Headache and a stomach pain is this a virus?

Based on the symptoms it's most likely a virus.

Can you eat french fries when you have had a stomach virus?

Yes, the salt is good for your stomach. It coats it.

Can you be a carrier of the stomach flu?

Can you carrry the stomach virus to someone else if you have not gotten sick

In the Matrix what is the name of the bug that the Agents put inside Neo's stomach?

Stomach virus

What can pregnant women take for a stomach virus?

When I got the stomach virus, they gave me phennergin (I think I spelled it wrong). It works really well, but makes you sleepy.

Who was the inventor of enema?

The god Thoth, according to Egyptian mythology, invented the enema.

Does stomach pains mean a girl is pregnant?

No, but it might mean that she has a stomach virus, or she is starting her period.

Does Miley Cyrus have a stomach vireos?

Miley Cyrus does not have a stomach virus as of 2/6/2011