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Yes it has.

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What animals are inveterbrtes?

any animal without a back bone such as lizard and bird .

Does a horned toad have a back bone?

The horned toad or lizard is really a lizard. It does have a backbone even though it can lie very flat.

Is a lizard a invetebrate?

no its a vertebrate because if it were a invertebrate then it would not be able to move you cans see they have back bones because when you hold them you can feel there back bone! :)

Can a lizard grow its tail back?

a lizard can not grow its tail back because it is not like a starfish

You saw a lizard with a blue back?

Yes, I saw a lizard with a completely blue iridescent back.

Does a bee have a back bone?

no bees do not have a back bone

What kind of lizard has a striped back?

Maybe a blue tail desert lizard or a skink

Does a MANATEE have a back bone?

The manatee is a mammal and has a back bone.

Does horse have back bone?

Yes, a horse has a back bone.

Do butterflys have a back bone?

no butterfly's are invertebrates. they do not have a back bone.

What bone is found at your back?

the bone that is foun in your back is an backbone

Does a praying mantis have a back bone?

no, a mantis does not have a back bone

Does a cow have a back bone?

yes a cow has a back bone

What you call animal back bone?

the animal would be called a vertebrate, because it has a back bone. If it does not have a back bone then it would be called an invertebrate. But yes the back bone would be called a spine

Does a dragon fly have a back bone?

Yes a dragonfly does have a back bone

Does a trout have a back bone?

Yes, a trout is a vertebrate and has a back bone.

Do starfish have back bone?

Starfish does not have back bone. It is invertebrate animal.

Does a eagel have a back bone?

Eagles are birds and have a spine (back bone).

Do grass hoppers have a back bone?

Yes grasshoppers do have a back bone.

Is bizzy bone back with the group?

Yes, Bizzy Bone is back with Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Is a lizard a mini beast?

yes i seen them in my garden

Do whales have a back bone?

Yes,whales are vertebrates, which means they have a back bone.

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